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The Netherlands Is Taking Russia To Court Over MH17 Crash

The lawsuit would be submitted to the European Court of Human Rights concerning the shooting down of MH17 in July 2014 ( More...

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ImperialEagle 6
It's about time!
A despicable act. Hold their feet to the fire and burn them good.
Of course, politics being what it is, they will get a slap on the wrist. Still, the families of those murdered deserve to see some effort towards justice for their loved ones.
Just wanted to say the same thing. One of the 5 respectable members of the UN with a veto right (remember). The Russians are similar like their fiends in China. They don't give a f....
Ivan Blakely 4
I would go further. Time for the veto rights enshrined after WW2 to be removed entirely.
Then we might see some honorable negotiation on a number of fronts.
And a certain high ranking administration member continues to cover for them and even wants them in the G-8.
SkyAware123 2
I agree but ...
As if that will do anything. Russia will laugh at the courts decision.
Jim DeTour 1
Flying over a war zone like Malaysia persisted in doing when all other airlines were flying around the area? Figures just as concerning is who okayed the flight over the war zone. MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur had plenty of airways around the area in that long journey. One degree difference from departure airport could of taken them around. Who figured leave that air route active?

You can throw a guy in a uniform with a rifle into a war zone and he'll be happy even saying he's there to win hearts and minds. But throwing civilians with an in flight movie into a war zone? That's some stupid stunt. Everyone else for good reason went around. Acting like it's a big surprise doesn't erase the stupidity of the stunt to win hearts and minds of civilians and victims. At least give them a parachute and rifle if playing a stupid stunt like that.

Just figure out how you would feel jumping on a flight after all sharp objects are removed from carry on then the airline does a direct route over a hot war zone. Makes as much sense as Benghazi two years earlier with the same finger pointing at others.
I understand what you are saying but......Those with Veto rights seems to be more trigger happy.
China shot a Korean airliner (no war zone)
America shot a Iranian plane.
The Russians a Malaysian.
The French shot down a plane in Rwanda that resulted in a Genocide and the murder of ten Belgian Commando's. By the way they sunk a ship as well in New Zealand.
And the British, well they bombed Libya.
The latest mistake happened in Iran. Who delivered that missile?

Any convictions?
Tim Trosky 2
Not here to be picky. Unless there have been two Korean Commercials flights shot down the only Korean flight I know of was shot down by Russia, not China. I may however, may have missed the second one. In any case people are right about Russia. They could care just like they could care less about their people.
Dear Tim,

Correct, my mistake it must 30 + years ago now :)


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