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The new Airbus A220 is being eyed for use as a private jet. See inside a $91.5 million design with its own cinema suite and master bedroom

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Three aircraft interior design and completion management companies have joined forces to come up with a cabin concept for an Airbus A220 private jet. The A220 entered commercial service in 2016 with Swiss International Air Lines and has been a success with every airline it flies. It's now being eyed for its potential as a private jet for use by the mega-rich thanks to its low operating costs and a large amount of floor space. The Airbus A220 revolutionized aviation in 2016 when it made its… ( עוד...

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Chris B 1
Not much space in the market for this. Too many cast off commercial jets going for pennies on the dollar available for conversion
bentwing60 1
They will sell some, after all, even amongst the 1%ers' aka 'billionaires' there will always be the 'Cheap' set.
Relics 1
The A220 is a beautiful plane and I suppose it could fit as a business jet. Would love to see.
ADXbear 0
Buy a MAX for a song..
linbb -4
So what? Nothing new here happens with Boeing Business Jet all the time. HO HUM AGAIN troll.

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