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Boeing CEO: 'new airplane' to replace 737

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CHICAGO (AP) — Boeing is sending its strongest signals yet that it plans to build a new plane to replace its 737. Boeing CEO James McNerney told analysts on Thursday, "We're going to do a new airplane . . . ( עוד...

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vic holtzinger 0
the 737 is a perfectly good jet airliner,....why try to change it?
its like trying to replace the DC-3,it cant be done,...DC-3's are still flying today because there is not another plane that can do what they can do,and because they were overengineered,they simply dont fail.
My Granfather, once shared with me; "If it don't need fixing, don't fix it" ... Hmm, it makes one wonder what the 700 series number would be ?? B737-Part 2
agg1930 0
Will the customers wait that long? Southwest does not sound like a sure candidate. I agree with Rob, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"
The 737 got where it is by incorporating continuos improvements. Boeing should keep doing that while looking at the "next airplane" without sacrificing the existing product.

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