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Atlanta faced with growing homeless population at Hartsfield-Jackson

The city of Atlanta is faced with another challenge in the coronavirus outbreak: Hundreds of homeless people are sleeping at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. ( More...

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steve jenney 3
has to be a hanger out there...or warehouse...they need help....if we can throw up these tent hospitals in two or three days then we should be able to get a place for the homeless as well.
homelessness is a problem in just about every major city..atlanta is no exception..the tests for corona virus are still at a premium with many people being unable to be tested..the hangers are leased by various airlines and private companies,so moving people and making them homeless shelters would require a lor of cooperation..there is not an easy solution..
Rob Palmer 1
Respect these people; there, but for the grace of God, go you and your family. Can you afford to be arrogant? I used to be in this class. Intelligent university grad, not on drugs nor alcoholic, but unable to afford the high rents in this country, and not knowledgeable about any reasonable units available. Medical problems led me to housing, but I am still surprised to see the attitudes of others toward this class of people. Were their critics to experience homelessness, they would adopt a totally different attitude. Solution: National rent control, which none of our brilliant politicians seems to consider. With current events or the depressed market this will happen.
patrick baker 1
come on ya'all: there has to be a space out at Hartsfield that will accomodate one or two hundred unfortunates overnight, with showers and restrooms. And yes, it will take cooperation and suspension of judgment, and seeking to be a bit more helpful. When we get the virus identified, vaccinated, controlled, and out of our hair, then return to being unfeeling jerks. If not Hartsfield, somewhere close is good enough.
Larry White 0
Make them take a long hot shower in portable facilities first. Some of these souls are filthy and reek. fumigate the areas after they leave also. keeping them out of the public areas, terminals is most important,, they are a nuisance, pan-handling, etc.
patrick baker -3
first, i suggest that every night each homeless person sheltering at this airport be tested for the virus: if positive the city could then move anyone positive to a protective shelter under public health laws, thus thinning the numbers daily. Further, set out cots safely far away from each other in an underutilized hangar . Not so hard if you think about it
Mike Mohle -1
Or make them clean stuff and pick up trash............


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