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GoJet Airlines Expands CRJ-550 Program with United Airlines, Adds 20 More Aircraft

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GoJet Airlines today announced it is expanding its fleet of Bombardier CRJ-550 aircraft with the addition of 20 new aircraft. The announcement follows GoJet's 10-year agreement to operate 54 CRJ-550 aircraft for United Airlines and will bring GoJet's total CRJ-550 fleet count to 74 by 2021. The CRJ-550 is the world's only two-cabin 50-seat regional aircraft designed for business and leisure travelers who want true-first-class seating, Wi-Fi, more leg room and enough space for… ( עוד...

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mkeflyer 4
Ahh, more circumventing instead of flying more mainline. Now UA needs to park 20 -200s to make up for it as the regional airlines can't hire enough crews and yet keep telling the mainlines to give them more flying. The mainlines are pouching all the junior pilots skipping over the qualified pilots.
Brian De Jong -1
The travesty of outsourcing, which mainline pilots willingly negotiated, will haunt us forever. Shortsighted morons...
paul gilpin 2
geez louise, i had to look up that one. CRJ-550 hadn't heard of that one. a CRJ-700 by any other name is still a CRJ-700.
sparkie624 1
A 700 that is light 20 seats!

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