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The New York Times has obtained video of the moment the Ukrainian Boeing 737 was hit minutes after takeoff from Tehran

Video verified by The New York Times appears to show an Iranian missile hitting a plane above Parand, near Tehran’s airport, the area where a Ukrainian airliner stopped transmitting its signal before it crashed on Wednesday. Ukraine International Boeing 737-800 #PS752 could have shot down by Iran’s anti-aircraft missile. US intelligence picked up signals of the radar being turned on & satellite detected infrared blips of 2 missile launches, probably SA-15s, followed shortly by another… ( More...

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Rick Hunt 7
Wonder how the Times "verified" this video? Not much there....
riddfly 2
If the video is real that was no “engine fire”, besides there was almost no wreckage left on the ground and everything if burned up. No engine fire destroy an airplane in midair so quick...
Yes, rest in Peace! One more tragedy for Ukraine.
jeff slack -4
Thank you Donald Trump.............
737man 4
Trump derangement syndrome ^
What a mess!
gt3mike 4
The first time I watched this video, there was at least a 5 second delay between the flash and the bang followed by car alarms. The audio track ran to the end of the video.

I think it has been edited since then to sync the flash with the bang. Notice that the last few seconds of the video now have no audio track.
Don Quixote 3
Yes, if you can read the title of the clearly says (audio re-synced).
jeff slack 3
No one reads anymore; they just react.
"...verified by The New York Times." I could not stop myself from laughing when I read that.
btweston 2
scott8733 4
Sure thing. 'Times verified' ranks alongside time management, marital bliss, and congressional oversight.
Cindy Savage 1
So has the CBC, I watched it last night. There were dozens of Canadians on that flight.
There is a better long video online. It shows the Airlines in flight, and the missiles rising up to hit it. As well as the explosion and the Airliner making a hard turn.
Joan Williams 1
I wonder how IRAN mistakenly shot down a B738? I think it is a little hard to believe that it was a mistake. Why would they even try to shot down something? Doesn’t seem like it is going to be a threat to anybody. Rest In Peace all 178 souls on board.
In a conflict zone with everybody on edge it can happen, just like it did with the Vincennes incident.
btweston 2
Hmm. Why would Iran have an itchy trigger finger? I have have no idea.
lynx318 1
Reported that the soldier responsible believed it was a cruise missile.....what was he looking through to determine that, beer goggles?

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Gil Hopson 1
Anybody else notice the 'flash to bang' time is very suspect! Presuming the plane was only 5,000 away from the observer, the sound of the explosion would still take approximately 5 seconds to arrive AFTER the flash appeared in the sky!
Chris B 4
There are many videos out there about this incident. We shouldn't get to hung up on the source as presented here, rather seek the video out there on other sources as well. They all seem to have the same time line as far as I can tell.
Dav5049915 3
Read the title of the video. (Audio Re-Synced)
Dubslow 3
this video had its sound edited. you can find unedited versions, such as on AVHerald, where the delay is more like ten seconds
Derek M 2
this is true. good observation.
Mike Morrow -2
I am an American. I expect that tRump's dust off with Iran may have, indirectly, caused this. More blood on tRump's hands! He must be removed from office!!!
Greg S 2
Wait, I thought everything was Bush's fault. Have we switched to Trump? Just checking so I can get on the right bandwagon. I'm wide a woke now.
The Iranian military launched the missile. The blood is on their hands.
Tom Byrne -1
You would also be a moron. You watch too much CNN - blame everything on Trump because you hate him. I bet you live in NY or CA - one of those lefty disease ridden cities.
btweston 1
You are clearly brainwashed.

I bet you live somewhere that doesn’t matter whatsoever.
Silent Bob -5
You're not an American. You're a POS. That is all.
737man 2
Someones jealous!
dkenna 3
Bob, go back to being silent.
btweston 0
You’re trash.
Gil Hopson 0
Apparently the video that is using HAS been edited. The video that CNN is using has a 'flash to bang' time of around 11 seconds which is obviously what you would expect in a real world situation.
btweston 1
Yes the video clearly says that, detective.
Serg Bl -3
Interesting how the plane full of fuel would not ignite and go down in flames. How can this be a verified video?
Derek M 1
this is true, also. Another good observations. Not sure why people downvoted this comment.
Serg Bl 1
Because of my name. Lol
Mike Petro 0
Never mind!
john kilcher -4
No, the Vincennes knew that it was a commercial non military flight.

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Don Quixote 2
U.S. intelligence is the "gold standard", John. Why do you think Australian, British and Canadian intelligence agencies went with what the U.S. intel concluded? Ever heard of the Five Eyes?
Torsten Hoff 2
I have no doubt that the American military has a better picture of the air space around Tehran than the Iranians do. In fact, the Iranians demonstrated that in a very tragic way.
There are reports by Australian, British and Canadian intelligence agencies as well, and they all paint pretty much the same picture. As all those countries have a large Iranian population one can suppose that they are well connected inside Iran, so there is credibility here. Let’s see what other countries, like France and Germany, come up with, they too have sizeable Iranian communities.
Dutch intelligence came up with the same assessment.
Mark Weiser 0
WOLFGANG, how is such hearsay a form of corroboration? Especially with such vested financial interests in Iran from those "stand up" countries you named!
What do you consider hearsay when these agencies have sources in different Iranian ministries and governmental organizations? You want them to name the sources? It won’t happen.

And about your “vested financial interests” and “stand up countries”, just look at what happened when GW Bush tried to get those stand up countries on board for his stupid invasion of Irak.
Mark Weiser -2
It is becoming increasingly difficult to believe ANY reporting these days, As several have commented, doesn't look quite right, how did they know? With soooooo much money changing hands between the politicians I wont believe any of it. Makes it tough to take any anyone seriously.
btweston 1
I bet you live a really interesting life.
Mike Petro -3
Interesting that the sound of the "missile" exploding and the flash of the explosion are simultaneous in the video. That is not how things work in reality.
On the other LONGER video there is a time difference of about 3 seconds between flash and sound. This video has been edited. It is online easy to find.

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