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Wheel takes flight after falling off Air Canada plane

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An Air Canada flight from Montreal to Saguenay, Que., was forced to turn around Friday after a technical issue made one of its wheels fall off seconds after takeoff. ( עוד...

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bentwing60 2
"The airplane, a Dash 8-300 model, normally has six wheels: two on each of the three landing gears, located on the left, right, and front of the plane".

Not quite sure how I'd have ever figured that out on my own, and that Might be an MX OOPS.
Chris B 2
A better article and Video of the wheel falling off.....

Looks like the wheel bearing is cooked as well..
Wolfgang Prigge 1
I have no idea why msn chooses to show a photo of a B773 to illustrate the story when the aircraft involved is a Dash 8.
Peter Fuller 2
Sunday’s ABC Nightly News showed the video, then breathlessly identified the aircraft as an “express jet”, whatever that is.
Sometimes it seems they just use a "file photo" when they have no clue as to the actual aircraft. Never mind doing any real journalistic fact finding.
bentwing60 2
Maybe because they are Not in it for the 'accuracy'. Publish or perish, gone tomorrow anyway.
Zacharie Poulin 1
Yeah I noticed it tho! 😂
96flstc 0
MSN = Make Stuff News

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