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Emirates Orders 30 Boeing 787 Dreamliner Airplanes to Complement 777X Family

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Boeing [NYSE: BA] and Emirates announced today they have finalized a purchase agreement for 30 787-9 Dreamliner airplanes, valued at $8.8 billion according to list prices. The agreement, signed at the Dubai Airshow, culminates discussions between the two companies on the best 787 Dreamliner model to meet the requirements of one of the world's leading airlines. ( עוד...

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Mike Boote 5
This headline makes it sound like Emirates and Boeing are all happy jazz hands about this order. The headline omits that Emirates also cancelled 26 orders for the 777X, which cannot make Boeing comfortable. I still see incredible similarities between the 777X order book and the initial A380 order book. One airline (Emirates) ordering the vast majority of the aircraft - and now they are already dropping orders. IMHO.
Don Quixote 0
Yeah well Emirates also cancelled the A330neo orders entirely and went with the 350 instead. I don't see any Boeing cancellations with Emirates. Do you? Sure they said we'd rather have 26 less 777x's and more Dreamliners. It's still pretty good for Boeing, could've been worse.
djames225 1
They did the same thing with Boeing as Airbus...cancel 26 777x. firm up the order for 30 787-9, and cancel the 40 787-10. "Emirates no longer plans on ordering 40 of the 787-10, but rather has finalized an order for 30 787-9s at this year's Dubai Airshow" Less Dreamliners and less 777x. Cancel 40 A330NEO and bump the order from 30 to 50 A350
Abieshan Ganeshamurthi 2
The 787 is good and has been receiving orders lately. Is Emirates ordering the 150 777Xs on top the 30 787s?
pilotjag 1
They have decreased their 777X order number from 150 to 126
Abieshan Ganeshamurthi 0
Ok, it sounds good. Not only does it help Emirates to save money, but is it mainly because of the 30 787 Dreamliner order?
djames225 1
No..Emirates had originally ordered 40 787-10 along with the 150 777x. But with delays in 777x they dropped order back to 126 and dropped original 40 order back to 30 787-9.
paul tamsen 2
I wish these "So & So Airlines Orders 30 7n7s" articles would say which engines have been ordered, if that information is available. They never seem to give that info.
william baker 3
How long before Emirates cancels the order of 787-9
djames225 2
You mean like the cancelled order for the 40 787-10
Viv Pike 2
Sorry, but I am not downloading a PDF file to read.
scheffbd 1
No apology necessary.

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