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American Airlines Pushes 737 MAX Cancellations Through December 3

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MIAMI — Dallas/Ft. Worth-based American Airlines (AA) has pushed, once again, all its Boeing 737 MAX scheduled flights through December 3. According to the carrier, more than 140 daily flights are being canceled because of the plane's extended grounding. As of today, AA has 24 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft grounded, affecting its overall capacity by more than 4,100 daily seats. ( עוד...

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DGR Rathborne 2
I have been un-able to read the full article , due to Google covering the page with multiple Adds for Air Lingus .
However i can add that WestJet announced this morning it will remove all of its' 737 Max from their " Winter Schedule " I do not know how many months , constitute the Winter Schedule . But it does not sound good .
If i find that i can read the AA lines story , without Google Adds , i'll comment later .........DGR
terry gersdorf 1
Im ready to get back into the left seat again
john kilcher 1
Is this all that you're capable of posting?
DGR Rathborne 1
Sorry John . When i can't read the article , i can't comment . But i am P.O. with the advertisements .
trentenjet -2
I will never fly on a Boeing 737 Max and I will tell all my friends not to fly on Any airlines that own them, Boeing made a huge mistake and now are trying to save themselves from bankruptcy They are dangerous and they always will be There is no real fix Band-Aids are not a fix
bizprop 3
Given al the scrutiny the MAX will have received before re-entering service it will likely be one of the safest aircraft in the sky.

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