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Public help sought to find fallen Swiss A220 engine parts

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French investigators are seeking assistance to locate engine parts which they believe fell from an Airbus A220-300 as it passed over the east of the country last month. ( עוד...

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sharon bias 8
Gives new meaning to needle in a haystack. Depending on how dense the forest is, those pieces could be high in the canopy.
Chuck Pergiel 3
No pictures of the damaged engine? I smell a conspiracy. Oh, wait, that's my toast burning. Gotta run.
Robert Cowling 2
Remembering people finding pieces of the shuttle that was spread across the southwest. Yikes...
Jesse Carroll 1
s you are telling me, they need the missing parts to find out what broke? Really, why don't they just look at what is missing and figure it out...LOL
Greg77FA 1
Well, with fall leaves coming and potentially snow, maybe in the spring. Or maybe not.
Johan Rosman 1
Good that it did not come down over Switzerland. They would have eaten it.
Albert Sauerman 1
They will probably find them on eBay in about a week. Just like the shuttle parts.
Andrew Ho 1
william baker 1
william baker 1
linbb -9
How can that be according to what MH370 posts Airbus doesn't every have problems.
Wolfgang Prigge 7
The engine is made by Pratt & Whitney. It even says so in the text.
houseofgold -7
How can this be the darling of the skies that will replace everything 😬
Wolfgang Prigge 5
You are aware that the engine is made by Pratt & Whitney? It even says so in the text.

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