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Mesa Airlines Faces Criminal Charges for Violating Long Beach Airport’s Noise Ordinance

An airline is facing criminal charges for allegedly violating the Long Beach Airport’s noise ordinance on 16 separate occasions in the past year, according to a criminal complaint filed by the city prosecutor’s office this week. The complaint — filed against Mesa Airlines and American Eagle on Wednesday, Aug. 14 — alleges that the airline violated the city’s ordinance on noise curfews 16 times from August 2018 to July of this year. This is the fifth time the city has prosecuted an airline for… ( More...

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SmokedChops 38
Perhaps a flypast by a 2-ship of B-1B's from Dyess or Ellsworth AFB, at full 'burner. "yup, we may possibly have exceeded your absurd little limit" People? If you move next to an existing airport, you don't get to bitch about the noise of airplanes. "What? I didn't know airplanes made that much noise....I fell slighted. I must punish them" Unless they are running uncanned JT-8D's, CJ805's, Conway's or other early gen turbine, the majority of current gen 'fans should fall within acceptability. Or, Mesa could simply say 'Sayonara' and pack it in at Long Beach and send their service elsewhere.
scott8733 19
Agreed. After all, the 2nd busiest west coast port is within 15 min of there. It's doubtful the cargo trucks coming and going at all hours make less noise.
ken young 19
Yeah..One of the busiest sea ports in the world that runs 24/7/365....And the city has a noise ordinance for the airport.....Pfft.
As punishment Mesa should just tell Long Beach to piss off and pull out of the airport...In fact, leave Long Beach without any scheduled service....
granitelocal -3
I’ve flown into Dyess and Ellsworth. Remote locations. Rapid City SD and Abilene TX. No comparison to LGB. The community of Long Beach could just shut it down. No problem. Perhaps the airport authority is trying to keep it open. Mesa had always been a bad player.
BigFED 8
My response would be "Adios Long Beach"!!!
granitelocal -1
Perhaps the LGB airport authority is trying to prevent the airport from being shut down to commercial air travel by powerful people in the community. LHR was the worst in my career about noise violations and we followed strict guidelines as to approaches into London. LHR to JFK is the only $1B route on the planet and airlines don’t want to give it up or be fined. I want as many airports in California open as possible. SNA was the worst in CA. We flew a simulator training program for LHR and SNA. Airlines want to service CA airports. They are lucrative. Adios, BigFED.
John Davis 26
Airlines should show Long Beach residents their middle finger as they fly out of that airport for the final time. The fruits and nuts should be walking where they want to go.
Mike Williams 4
In real estate, the magic word is the location. It is said to spend some long time where you intend to move to. So those residents should have not moved so close to an airport.
My parents did not get a house under Tucson's, A Z flight path. They did buy a lot 20 or so miles away in Green Valley, AZ. My father died there and now my mother is almost 90 years old. They moved from the house and moved to a senior complex still in Green Valley.
WhiteKnight77 4
This sort of reminds me of the issues that PHF had back in the 90s when they wanted to build some maintenance hangers on the opposite side of the field from the terminal there. The next door neighbors at Kiln Creek objected over the possibility of noise from the hangers. Sory folks, R G Moore got one on you, he built the high end homes next to an airport that was built there some 40 years before he built your homes. You moved in next door to it knowing it was there, you can learn to deal with the noise or move.

This is a city problem where they allow development to proceed as close as possible to the airport (the city of VA. Beach is buying back properties next to NAS Oceana to help minimize encroachment after letting development build right up the fenceline previously) without a care as to what actually happens at an airport. Long Beach need to reexamine what they let happen and allow the airport to do its job.

One has to remember as well, that airports were typicaly built in the "middle of nowhere" but city planners, with all their education, let developers build right next to them without any thought as to what might come in the future or emergency type problems may happen.
djames225 13
Sooo...Long Beach wants their airport to be quieter than a lawn mower @ night, yet its ok to have trucks barrelling around? Stupidity rules yet again! If I were Mesa and American, Id throw the $4100 in fine money at Long Beach, throw up the single finger salute and leave. Then, just to spite them, blackball the airport.
crk112 3
I wonder how much actual crime is not being prosecuted in Long Beach while they waste their time on this.
Love "The land of fruits and nuts" Should be on their license plates and State Seal. LOL
Mike Williams 1
I first THAT from my boss who claimed IT was from a Catholic nun.
WeatherWise -6
Wow, you must be an idiot like ken young. "LOL"...really? You must be what, 12?
granitelocal -5
You know that “fruits” is a homophobic term, right Dave? Do you work for an airline or just a homophobe with a big mouth.
djames225 8
Fruits is homophobic slur only if it sits that way in your mind..California is "The land of fruits and nuts" Cashews, almonds, avocados and Napa Valley for its fabulous grapes, to name a smathering!
Roy Troughton 2
It’s California...that’s all you need to know.
darjr26 3
If Mesa could operate on time this wouldn’t be issue.
ken young 9
This is absurd. And SOOOOOOOOO California. The land of fruits and nuts.
As long as the Golden State remains a bastion of the ridiculous, count me out
WeatherWise -5
That's a pretty stupid blanket statement to make. One airport is having an issue and you blame everyone, including me, in the entire state and include petty name calling? And just what fine and flawless state do YOU live in, where everyone is perfectly normal?
You're missing the point: in CA, abnormality is the norm.
joel wiley 3
Remember it's not the mean but the standard deviation that counts
737man -5
^Must be from California, you aren't fooling the rest of us!
WeatherWise 2
I stated in my comment I'm from California. I don't need to fool anybody.
darjr26 -2
Do you know what’s so good about California, Ken? People like you don’t live there.
granitelocal -9
You may want to rethink that statement, Ken. That is a homophobic slur and would get you fired at my airline. Perhaps someone may want to pass this along to your HR for some counseling. But if you are just a pp with a big mouth, you may get away with it for awhile. But not forever.
Would get him fired because of policies from fruitcakes and nuts, precisely.
pilotjag 1
Another great article...
John Atherton 1
Fully agree!!
Matt LaMay 1
So what? Are they going to throw people in jail?
joel wiley 1
79 Decibels? That's less than a factory standard Harley.
Maybe someone could drop a certain VS-25 in for a 6:00 am tee time. . .
djames225 5
I was thinking Omega Air Refueling using it as a maintenance facility. Pop 1 of their old 707's in for a quick look over.
Tommy Boy 1
Practically inaudible.....
pnschi 0
Good for Long Beach sticking up for its residents.
granitelocal 0
Mesa has always been a bad player in the airline industry. They paid the least and hire the least qualified pilots available, 250 hours at one time. Union foe Ornstein does not have a good reputation among pilots. My last choice to fly. Maybe put my MIL on Mesa, but not my girlfriend.
Tommy Boy 1
Wait, wait, wait.... You have a Mother-in-Law and a girlfriend?
yovanovich2 0
piss on long beach
SamArnold -2
Why have the airline been able to breach curfew on so many occasions? Where I live, an airline beaches curfew and it's not the city filing suit, it's the CAA who will temporarily ban that airline from operating until it pays the fine. And if it continues, the airline will lose operation rights into that airport.
Noise is not to be taken lightly. All international airports I've lived near have had curfews from around midnight to 5 am, and during the rest of the tone, noise abatement routes are mandated.
So don't sit here and be a keyboard warrior and get a dig at California, because it's not a joking matter.
joel wiley 4
Just curious, who defines the curfew standards where you live? Is it the municipality where the airport resides, the State/Province, or National level?
SamArnold 1
National level. The national CAA (FAA equivalent) have to approve airports, approach and departure routes, and airline operations with noise taken into account.
Local counties are involved in the decision making process too.
joel wiley 10
I don't know the specific case with the City of Long Beach, but I suspect the curfews are city ordinances. A common phenomenon around here (Calif particularly) is a NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) contingent whose influence forces such tail-wagging-the-dog regulations. That is the root cause of the takeoff restrictions at John Wayne KSNA a few miles away. IF this sounds like a dysfunctional fluster cuck, that is exactly what it is.
Thanks for your info.
SamArnold 1
Sounds like the region needs better zoning and planning around airports, or airlines need to choose different airports which are separated from residential zones for their 24 hr operations.
LGB and SNA are fine for daytime ops, but it's common for airports wanting 24 ops to be sited 'out of town'.
Rather sounds to me like those who don't like noise should not establish themselves around an airport.
I don't know the specific numbers but "out of town" in that part of CA pretty much requires a flight to reach.
djames225 1
Explain to me then, if you will, WTH Long Beach allows it's port to be open 24/7? I've been to a not as busy port at 3am and it is da** loud with all the machinery and trucks. I'd imagine Long Beach is a lot louder, yet they allow it. Stupid thing is, if they have a supposed curfew at the airport, shut down the dang runway, not the contradiction "The only active runway from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am is Runway 30/12 unless otherwise notified per NOTAM/ATC (Check ATIS)."
SamArnold -1
Ports are different, in that the noise originates from the port's property.
Airports, however, pollute noise over a very wide area when departing and also arriving directly overhead residential areas.
Regardless, you can't argue that because Mr. Port is allowed to operate, howcome Mrs. Airport cannot.
The reality is, airports create noise, so there's a curfew. If the port is a problem too, that's another separate issue.
djames225 6
Ports create noise over a very wide area by reverberation off the water and containers. Then you have the transport trucks coming and going all hours, and they create noise. Not just that but LA Port is almost right next door. Ive lived under a flight path of a very very busy international airport, YYZ, and it is not nearly as noisy as when I was at the port of Halifax. Sorry but a CRJ "lower decibel reading than a lawnmower" flying overhead for a minute or 2 occasionally is upsetting? They are not flying in 737's and flight delays do happen.
n9341c -3
So an airline getting fined $300 per complaint is headlined as "FACING CRIMINAL CHARGES!!!"? This is why it's called FAKE NEWS, folks.
djames225 5
Ok so I guess you cannot let me help..truncated a bit but...

"An airline is facing CRIMINAL CHARGES for allegedly violating the Long Beach Airport’s noise ordinance on 16 separate occasions in the past year, according to a CRIMINAL complaint filed by the city prosecutor’s office this week.

The complaint — filed against Mesa Airlines and American Eagle on Wednesday, Aug. 14 — alleges that the airline violated the city’s ordinance on noise curfews 16 times from August 2018 to July of this year. This is the fifth time the city has prosecuted an airline for violating the noise ordinance since 2002, City Prosecutor Doug Haubert said Friday.

“Prosecution is the appropriate action,” he said, “only after other efforts have been made to provide an operator with education, about the law and opportunities to bring their operations into compliance with the law. No CRIMINAL CASE is prosecuted unless all reasonable efforts have been exhausted before filing a CRIMINAL CASE.”

I could keep going through the rest of it....
joel wiley 1
Perhaps because it was not reported on Fox and Friends, the veracity of the report must be questioned.
Especially if it was reported on CNN, which I don't know if it was.

That would qualify it as a serious candidate for FAKE for sure.


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