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Plane crashes into house in upstate New York, FAA says

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(CNN)A small plane carrying three people crashed into a house in upstate New York, a Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson said. The condition of those on board the Saturday flight is unknown. The Cessna 303 aircraft was headed to Sky Acres Airport in LaGrangeville, New York, when it crashed into a house in Union Vale, New York, a few miles southeast of the airport. ( עוד...

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bbabis 6
Very sad to have another accident with loss of life and with fatalities on the ground. RIP
Anytime there is an accident right after takeoff from a refueling stop you have to think fuel contamination or misfueling.
Thomas Craig 2
Engine loss and rotate before v1?
Christopher OBrien 2
Over gross weight, short runway, jerked yoke instead of aborting, plane went almost straight up and stalled, rolled over and came down. A couple witnesses on ground passed it along. sad.

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Mark Merrell 5
There are other sources of news than that one article. Two people died, one in the plane and one on the ground.

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