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Miniature horses allowed to fly in cabin by U.S. Department of Transportation as emotional support

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The U.S. Department of Transportation has announced that miniature horses are still officially allowed to fly as service animals in all cabins of commercial planes, in a statement aiming to define the guidelines regarding protections for emotional support and psychiatric service cats, dogs and the tiny equines ( עוד...

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Highflyer1950 3
I have to admit this one got me laughing, not at the people but at how far we have gone down the rabbit offence to the Hares but when the horse comes down the aisle, everyone else just grabs their carry on and deplanes to the departure lounge and takes a seat! Pretty soon no more “horsing” around!
william baker 1
Your welcome Highflyer.
At this point I have to ask...
Can anyone imagine someone with a support horse, buying first class tickets for a 2 to 3 hour flight?
While I would never wish this on anyone, I would like a video of the owner affixing a diaper on that animal...
NO WAIT, I am sure it will be a highly trained, house broken animal...
Just take it to the bathroom, it will surely be trained to back into the "stall".
Let me now ask, How long does it take to clean, shampoo and deodorize a first class cabin... Bet the airlines will love this.
I tell you my friends, it's gonna' happen...
May those highly educated souls from the Department of Transportation be seated next to that animal.
Tom Pera 1
say it isn't so....say it isn't so
Frank Harvey 1
I wonder if all implications of this decision have been considered.

I hope that the horse will be adequately restrained during takeoff and landing. Hopefully seat belt extenders will be sufficient to prevent the animal flying through the cabin in an emergency stop.

In the event of an emergency evacuation, especially if the cabin is filling with fumes, can the animal be relied upon to behave itself or be controlled by the human accompanying it ?

The one miniature horse I am familiar with runs around his pasture kicking when excited. He has quite hard hooves, but the one positive is that he does not bite ! Will a leaping, kicking and possibly biting, horse interfere with a cabin evacuation, especially if an attempt is made to exit him onto a slide ?
paul trubits 1
Horses live longer than dogs. That is why they are being trained as service animals. I would hate to be stuck in the DOT meetings trying to decide what animals can and cannot fly on an plane.
linbb -1
What a bunch of bull shit anyone having to put up with a dog while eating at a café is bad enough let alone some horse that will take up enough room for two other people is dumb

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