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What exactly is the CRJ 550?

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As the first CRJ550 for United has been spotted.. what is it exactly? The new 50 seater based on the CRJ700 frame, with three class layout and ample cargo room.. As Cansoir stated "The CRJ 550 looks hot. It looks fast when it's parked" - and I couldn't agree more. ( עוד...

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airuphere 1
Here is another article I was trying to post; however, was given the broken link warning. Yet, the link is good.. if your interested.
Wolfgang Prigge 5
Every time you have an https you will get the broken link warning. I simply erase the s and post as http, and it works.
airuphere 1
Thank you so much.. i was trying to figure it out.. added www. etc... but didnt try that. Thanks Wolfgang!
I hope the CRJ550 flies to my hometown airport, YYZ, the 32nd busiest airport in the world in 2018.
Stephen Donnelly 0
In actuality the CRJ 550 is a money grabbing con job by United.

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