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South African Airways Will Lease A350s

South African Airways has major issues. The airline continues to lose massive amounts of money, they have an inefficient fleet and route network, their CEO recently resigned, and the government can’t seem to decide just how involved they want to be in SAA’s turnaround (if it ever happens). Currently SAA’s long haul fleet consists of 27 aircraft, including a mix of A330s and A340s. These aren’t especially fuel efficient planes, and up until now the airline hasn’t really had any plans for… ( More...

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Not surprising, they have bunch of A340's on their fleet. Who's next SAS maybe?
Greg Mermel 2
SAS has eight A350s on order, with the first scheduled to go into service 1/28/2020
Nico Arreman 1
whit a loss (every year) from 260 million a big risk for a lease company


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