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5 dead, 10 hospitalized, 1 missing after midair collision over Alaska

Five people have been killed and 10 have been hospitalized after two aircraft collided in midair over Alaska. The collision took place in Coon Cove, Alaska, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. A de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver and a de-Havilland Otter DHC-3 "collided in mid-air under unknown circumstances," the FAA told media. ( More...

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having taken an alaskan cruise, as well as a few others, I know the cruise lines offer many side excursians,including land tours and seaplane and the like, for their passengers..these tours or flights are a separate charge from the trips,and you book them at a guest services desk onboard..the cruise lines offer these trips for outside heart goes out to those passengers and the families of those killed or injured...certainly the ntsb will find the cause,whether its some kind of mechanical issue,weather conditions,or the pilots just plain not seeing each other..
indy2001 1
We went on a float plane trip to Misty Fjords on Tacquan Air the last time we were on an Princess Cruises Alaska cruise 10 years ago. Although it was just two years after they had a crash in the same area, everyone at the company was so friendly and professional that we felt very much at ease. My wife isn't a great flyer but she developed a liking for float planes during our trips to Alaska and the Northwest. As a pilot, it was especially enjoyable for me because I got to sit in the "co-pilot's" seat and filmed the entire flight through the front windscreen. The pilots who flew the Misty Fjords circuit seemed to follow a one-way clockwise flight path into and out of the area, so I would assume the other aircraft was not following the same route. I know accidents are more common in Alaska because the topography makes so many places inaccessible any other way, but it's still a terrible event. Those who are involved, both directly and indirectly, are very much on our thoughts and in our prayers.
mayeses 2
My wife and I also used Tacquan Air on our cruise ~2 yrs ago. Our time slot was overbooked so they brought in a Cessna 172 and a cargo pilot that had previously worked for one of the other excursion operators there doing Misty Fjords runs. Our pilot was in almost constant radio contact with the other pilots, announcing his altitude as we were approaching each pass and talking to every other aircraft when it came into visual contact to give relative position. It seemed standard operating procedure for them.

I hadn't flown in an Otter since I was a Civil Air patrol cadet in late 70s and my wife has never flown in one so it was a little disappointing we ended up in a 172 after I'd hyped upt he Otter. But everyone I met at Tacquan Air were really friendly and professional people. I hope their business can survive. It was my only float plane ride ever and was fantastic.


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