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'Passengers are afraid of this airplane': How Boeing is handling its 737 Max problem

Jet's maker has a technical fix, now comes the hard part: getting passengers on board again ( More...

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Jamar Jackson 3
Cheap flights humans are quick to forgive and forget. Any crash of a MAX in the US and it’s a wrap
patrick baker 4
like the days of old when air marshalls were more prevelant, boeing executives should be corporate confidence co-fliers , and wear special bright identificion vests for all to see so confidence be restored for paying public. Surely a few hundred executuve/management members ought to be willing to take one for the team for at least the first two or three months of 737Max reinstatement. One executuve for one Max 737, - there is 500 or so out there, sitting on the ground, and a few hundred more in backup storage.
Cansojr 4
First Boeing must put in the "New software" then fly the heck of the fix prototype is in and works. Second, I would urge senior management to announce that they would fly in this aircraft, Some free are fares on each Max 8 to encourage people that this is a safe aircraft and that's how they should proceed.
Ron Fletcher 3
Airlines need to be up-front and let passengers know they will fly on a 737-Max when booking. Failure to do so will be a breach of their rights. Let's see what happens!. I know in Australia Virgin will be buying these planes but I hope they are up-front and let passengers know that they are flying on a max.
Problem is too many issues have surfaced after the two crashes. Who was hiding them?
william baker 2
I’m more afraid of the poster Mh370 then the 737 Max
G Aldridge 1
I'll 2nd that notion..........
Chuck Lavazzi 1
I see: a software patch for what is still a hardware problem, followed by a publicity blitz and lower prices. Business as usual, until the next crash. Lather, rinse, repeat. Whatever works for sort-term profitability.
mbrews 0
- From a branding standpoint, in the eyes of John Q Consumer, the 737 MAX occupies a spot between the ill-fated Ford Edsel and the Chevy Corvair. One a corporate failure and the other a crappy design, unsafe at any speed. credit to Mr. Ralph Nader for publicizing the Corvair instabilities
matt jensen 2
I owned two Corvairs. There was nothing wrong with stability. I didn't see Nader going after CJ5's or Samari's = still unstable and being sold all over the world. Mr Nader should stick to something he knows about - which is ????
mbrews 2
Brand image is the topic. Consumers will mistrust both Boeing AND the FAA in this episode. I have no beef with Corvairs & I admire the Edsels as collectors items. Of course the mention of R. Nader causes polarization. I do feel that some courageous industry whistle blowers have done the public a favor. BUT, theres no justice centered in rent-seeking tort lawyers, who feed off the misery of others


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