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Delta opens the world’s largest jet engine test cell in Atlanta

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Delta Air Lines released this statement: New state-of-the-art test cell is the first cell built by a U.S. airline in more than 20 years. Capable of safely running a mounted, stationary engine at full power with 150,000 pounds of thrust, the cell will allow Delta to test engines that are yet to be designed or built The airline’s new test cell and engine shop open the door to next generation engine capabilities, including the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000, Trent 7000 and Trent XWB and the PW1100 and… ( עוד...

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Chris B 3
Seems strange that engine manufacturers don't do this. Perhaps having a third party doing it will give GE/Pratt and Rolls Royce somewhere to rent for testing.
John Gideon 2
Most engine maintenance requires ground engine runs to verify proper operation. These are pretty basic tests. All engine maintenance facilities (other than line-maintenance only facilities) I'm aware of have some form of a test stand. Pratt, GE, and RR all have multiple development test stands capable of performing the more complex testing required for certification.
Mike Petro 2
Yes, I worked in the gas turbine engine test industry and all are tested rigorously to ensure specified operation, in specialized test cells, after manufacture and at specified intervals thereafter. Good to know an engine works properly before you use it.
Richard Bergman 1
I'm a retired engine designer for GE. Yes, they have test cells at GE.
Relics 3
That's awesome, Delta paving the way.
Britton Gray 2
They really need to put one in PEK where they can test the engines in the toxic smog that really messes them up
Guy Cocoa 1
Interesting that the article does not mention the GE9X. Does that imply that Delta won’t be ordering the 777x?
m f 1
The 777X is more plane than Delta needs on any one route. The 350 and 330 are their future. This test cell will be used for everyone's engines though, not just Delta's.
m f 0
Delta leading the pack once again.
bbabis 0
Sounds nice but if current engines are at 115,000pot, is 150,000pot limit really building for much future?
m f 1
Yes, it will be a long time before 150k is needed. Planes are only getting lighter. Two 150k engines are almost enough for a CURRENT A380-800. By the time a twin engine double deck plane is built, 150k will be more than enough.
bbabis -1
Good points. I guess if aoc gets her way we won't need any of them in a few years so it may be moot. We'll just have to see how that works out.
joel wiley 1
Perhaps AOC & aviation should have it's own squawk....

m f 1
Nothing wrong with setting lofty goals. And she's just a sponsor, these ideas have been around for decades. It's not a law, just ideas. Fox News and the like are trying to divide us, let's not be so quick to condemn.
sharon bias -6
Since none of the current aircraft engines for commercial planes seem to be particularly reliable, this might come in handy. How many flights has Air New Zealand had to cancel because of engine problems? And that is one country you do not want to fly out of with a dicey engine.
joel wiley -4
Now they have an alternative to commercial flights to test them....

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