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Thai Airways Boeing 747 in Bangkok runway excursion

A Thai Airways International Boeing 747-400 was involved in a "partial" runway excursion at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International airport on the evening of 8 October. ( More...

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Carl Smeraldi 9
I live one mile WEST OF RUNWAY 19 R that night I eyewitnesses the severe thunderstorms with frequent lightning torrential rain Tops FL 500. Overhead airport runway approach zone from 8 pm till midnight. Severe hydroplaning more than half inch standing water wind shear wind 130/37 kts . Runway is 12000 feet long I’m sure autospoilers did not deploy anti skid could not work . Poor CRM CAPTAIN COPILOT . THE FAR AIM BOOK STATES DO NOT LAND IN THUNDERSTORM . HOLD DIVERT PERIOD . THIS B747400 could not STOP ended off the END OF RUNWAY PERIOD . FROM, B747400/757/777/L1011 Pilot 25 years worldwide Palermo, Sicily. Read the 10 commandments in the FAR AIM CONCERNING THUNDERSTORM FLYING RULES
Don't the auto-spoilers rely on the weight on the main gear? I can't see why they wouldn't deploy.
A 747 with 97 passengers and 18 crew? Talk about a light load...
paul gilpin 1
i think, "talk about misapplication of resources", is more accurate.

why not put an A380 on this route?
Roger Curtiss 2
Sometimes the airplane needs to be at its next location even if getting it there means flying an unprofitable load to do so.
Makes sense, like going deep into caves in the middle of rainy season.
Then, parade them all over the world and honor them for their good decision making.
Time for a parade and accolades.
john doe 2
Bob, I think you're on the wrong thread. This one is about a 747.
joel wiley 10
I thought since it was posted by MH370 that there was an implied Boeing design fault. Didn't find any indication of it with AVherald
Jesse Carroll 2
Was told by pilot years ago on a flight from Orlando to Tampa with 7 passengers (757) and crew, that it was cheaper to park overnight in Tampa! Just saying!
What do I know? I'm was a 182 driver back then! Now just a old fart that thinks this site should stay on point! AVIATION....not Sum Ting Wong etc:..Gets boring!
Carl Smeraldi 2
I eyewitnessed. this jet plus numerous other jets landing last night in severe thunderstorms overhead Suvarnabhumi intl Bangkok . Time 800 pm till midnight . Pilot error once again. Captain copilot should be fired . Tops 50,000 feet continuous lightning heavy rain occurred at time of incident . The book states DO NOT LAND ATTEMPT APPROACH IN THUNDERSTORM HOLD OR DIVERT PERIOD. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THE APPROACH CONTROLLER OR TOWER CONTROLLER HAS FINAL AUTHORITY TO STOP PILOTS FROM LANDING IN THUNDERSTORM. ASIANA B747400 discontinued approach right after this due to severe thunderstorms on final at 11 pm last night . From, B747400 pilot 20 years from, Palermo, Sicily .
lynx318 1
"I told the pit crew I wanted 'wets' not 'slicks'!"
john doe 1
Jeez, 97 passengers? Haven't been on plane that sparsely populated since the eighties...
iflyfsx 1
iflyfsx 1
Oh. Never mind.
joel wiley 5
AVHerald comment:
Into the mud, and right up to the Thais.
dee9bee 1
To you armchair pilots sitting in your recliners overheating your laptops: Were you there, sitting in the jumpseat? I'm going to turn around Carl's post a bit. In essence, he stated that numerous flights landed SAFELY last night as well.

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AWAAlum 2
Why is it whenever there is an Asian airline with some type of issue, someone is always compelled to contribute this ridiculous and disrespectful drivel ?
joel wiley 7
Because there are people whose maturation level plateaued in the first or second grade, and some of those registered with FlightAware.
Sorry, there's usually room with such incidents for some good ole drivel.
lynx318 2
Well next time it's an American, British or one of us Aussie pilots, why not pilot Travis Field (traverse field), engineer Button Fawlty and co-pilot Jean S. Brown.
joel wiley 2
It might take a little effort but I think American ingenuity can step up to the plate.
Just look at the staff names of those working for Hugh Lewis Dewey, partner in the law firm Dewey Cheetum and Howe.
John Freschl 1
Love the Stooges!
ADXbear -4
Pilots should and must know better than land in that type of weather... its not ATC job to operate an aircraft.. close the field might be better idea there... but i wonder how this fligh tf is even profitable with 98 paying passengers.. maybe it should never started the flight..
Larry Toler 2
As someone stated earlier, the aircraft was probably going to have a heavier load later on. The airlines don't cancel flights for a light load. Especially if it's not at an outstation. I've flown many times with anywhere from 0 to 1 or maybe a few pax while I was flying regional. We still have to complete that leg (there have been a few exceptions). KRIC to KBWI was a great example. We may fly empty or almost empty from our crew base to BWI. We may have a full house from there the KSYR or maybe back to KRIC.
Philip Argy 0
On 23 September 1999 QF 1 overran the end of runway 21L in Bangkok. The ATSB Report into the excursion can be found here:


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