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Plane spotters in Montreal

Montréal airport makes plane spotting easy by having a Park right next to one of the runways. ( More...

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Edward Dexter 6
BWI Marshall has a spotter Park, the Dixon Aircraft Observation Area, across Dorsey Rd. at the se end of 15R/33L, and a hill off the bike trail that overlooks the west end of 10/28. Plus in the terminal there’s a comfy 3rd floor observation deck with a wine bar that is outside of security between Concourse B and C, that overlooks a number of gates and the runway intersections at some distance (I like their prosecco, and rocking chairs). Nice airport.
ADXbear 5
Awesome.. now if Orlando (MCO) Would make a place near a runway for us...they have a place on top of terminal roof about 2500 feet from runways..

Please.. many of us photographers are licensed pilots and trustworthy retirees.. Vegas an LA are not afraid of us.. come on Orlando..
Roy Talbot 5
Should check out the one at RDU.
Roger Parish 3
My favorite is the Gravely Point boat launch area on the north side of DCA, about 100 feet from the threshold of runway 19. When they are running the River Approach, you can watch the approaching planes all cranked over in a right bank trying to get lined up with 19. You can practically count the rivets!!
mbv9415 3
MSP has a nice area inside of the runways; accessed on service road. Good parking, picnic tables, views of both terminals.
iflyfsx 7
If only the US learned from this.
To some degree we do. Several locations across America have spotter parking. Camp Pendleton along I-5 put in one both N and S bound for our activity.
Dude, We have. Las Vegas has had a spotter's parking area for the past 20 years. It's right next to runways 8L/26R, and has ATC broadcasting to anything in that area over normal FM radio, so you can use your car stereo to listen to the Tower.

KVGT (North Las Vegas) has the same thing, but it is tucked between the approach end numbers of runway 12R and 7, on the corner of Decatur and Lake Mead Blvd. ATC is broadcast to that area as well.

I have yet to see another airport in the US have this, along with ATC being piped directly to your car stereo.
We live in a time when its almost impossible to see an airplane ....when your at an airport! Or see a train ....when your at a train station! I am delighted to see this happen in Montreal. This is the kind of place where kids dreams are seeded.
Nashville has one too and it is nice,Vultee blvd on the west side all the way down to the observation area,next to the field.
ian mcdonell 2
not just usa needs to learn
s s 2
Toronto Pearson made an official spotting area but its super far from the runways, so everyone uses the sidewalks on roads closer to the action. If they ever crack down on the "unofficial" locations nobody will use the designated area because its useless.
djames225 1
Why I like the Airport Rd location..get hungry or thirsty, Wendy's is right there..and if u want to get close, just hop across the road to the observers sidewalk.
Yes that "official" area is a joke
DFW used to have one that I hung out at, years ago (1990s). I wonder whether they closed it.
ToddBaldwin3 5
Founders Park is still open. Picnic tables, mounted binoculars and tower traffic on speakers.
Excellent! Heading down there soon - may take a side trip for old time's sake :-)
dee9bee 1
To clarify, Founder's Plaza on the southeast side of the airport closed many years ago, due to construction. The present (and much better) Founder's Plaza is on the northwest part of the airport, in Grapevine. It's best in the afternoon when they are landing to the south.
djames225 1
Love watching them come in and take off on 23 near Airport Rd Wendy's here in Toronto..also great viewing over off Britannia on the west side and Etobicoke Creek Trail
Tom Bruce 1
SFO by train stop - old terminal..pretty good.. LAX of course, south of airport on top of hill, also a parking lot just east of north runways gives excellent views of Asian arrivals... I too wish there was more access
Pa Thomas 1
If you haven't spent an hour at the In-n-Out on Sepulveda at the approach end of 24R at LAX......such a fun spot.

And back in the day, there used to be a street that crossed the dunes west of the airport called Sandpiper Street that was at the departure end of 24R, which was even more fun. Closed after 9-11, sadly
Kris Akerley 1
APF (Naples, FL) has a nice park like setting too at the approach end of RWY 05. With a raised platform area featuring benches and the occasional/seasonal (?) shade sail, timer controlled ATC Tower speaker, children's play area with airplane like toys and bathrooms. They've done it up nicely.


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