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Man filmed attacking cabin crew member because he lost his phone

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Shocking footage from on board a plane shows a furious passenger throwing punches at a cabin crew member and trying to headbutt him. The man lost his temper and was seen in a heated head-to-head confrontation with the air steward. And he outed himself as a suspected Russian gangster when he referenced Solntsevo – the name of a notorious mafia gang and a gritty suburb of Moscow. ( עוד...

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1BabyGirl 1
Bad deal but not surprising. Nuf said..
patrick baker 1
i don't think anybody gets to do that- on their own personal jet, or as a paying revenue customer on an airline flight. Stop this tendency to overreact however we can, since such behavior escelates into far worse behaviors unless checked and stopped.
Ban the guy from flying. Problem solved.

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