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Neeleman Group Picks Airbus A220 for US Startup

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In a major coup for Airbus and its newly-acquired A220—formerly the Bombardier CSeries--a group of investors headed by David Neeleman has selected the aircraft over Embraer jets for a yet-to-be-named US startup airline. ( עוד...

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chalet 1
Good ole David Neelman just can not continue founding anothre airline ever a few years, this time it is in the US (the third one, mind you) as if the place does not sufficent have Airlines serving down to mid-size towns. Happy landings man.
David Beattie 1
Amazing isn’t it! Airlines have so much sex appeal that otherwise intelligent businessmen will pour money into them. Restaurants have a very similar allure as well as the history of failure. BUT, every once and a while they make it big. Jet Blue has been a going concern for almost 20 years and will sell for a pretty penny to one of the majors. America West now controls American and of course the greatest scrappiest little startup of all time, Southwest, now flies the largest share of domestic flights in the USA. I can’t count all the failures in between though. Anybody remember Mc Clain, MGM, Vanguard, Southeast, Skybus, Muse Air, Eastern II ?
soleil4paul 1
I wouldn't count Neelman out with this new airline. He knows all US airlines are bloated right now with older airplanes for the most part and they're not nimble any more. Plus most major airlines are cutting routes to save money for reasons unrelated to occupancy. He's going to pick up where they left. I wouldn't be surprised if Orlando or Fort Lauderdale is a new hub for that airline, that way he can connect with Azul directly and TAP through New York or most big cities in Brazil. As to the point-to-point concept, it works initially - and mostly because you can't do otherwise - but then you quickly need hubs to get occupancy and better service operations. Anyway considering how the big airlines are treating their passengers right now, I will bet on Neelman winning...
Tom Novak 0
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Following an order of 60 A220 from Jetblue, Airbus is in talks with a new airline for another 60 A220

Toulouse - After taking over and renaming the Bombardier CSeries, Airbus is filling its backlog with new orders. Following an order from Jetblue Airways for 60 A220-300, its founder David Neeleman, and a group of investors look another 60 A220 for their new startup Moxi Airways.
ben bearup 0
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Unnamed US Airline Orders 60 A220s

An unnamed “new U.S. airline start-up” has committed to purchase 60 Airbus A220-300 aircraft according to Airbus. The aircraft, formerly known as the Bombardier CSeries, changed its name last week after a 50.01% takeover by Airbus.
Phil Knox 0
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Airbus Sells 60 A220s in $5.4 Billion Deal With JetBlue Founder

Airbus SE agreed to sell 60 A220-300 jets valued at $5.4 billion to a startup U.S. airline backed by JetBlue Airways founder David Neeleman, bolstering the aircraft’s prospects less than a month after the planemaker took control of it.

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