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Plane crashes after picking up banner, killing pilot

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A 35-year old local pilot died when the advertising banner he picked up at the Dare County Regional airport became entangled in nearby trees. ( עוד...

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96flstc 1
There is an STC that replaces the 150 engine with a 172 engine. Very popular mod for 150 banner tow ops.
linbb 1
Its not a 172 engine its a Lycoming with more HP and depends on which model is used, just an FYI.
Roy Hunte 1
It obviously says got tangled in trees. It probably stopped with a jerk.
bentwing60 0
Can you say cross wind and a grossly underpowered airplane on a hot day. RIP.
linbb -2
Do you know what engine was in it or are you just another feeling the need to post person? Many have had there engines switched to a 159 or 160 Lyc so unless you know the plane don't make the comment, OK?
96flstc 1
I do know. The aircraft had the Del Air STC that replaced the O-320 with the O-360-A4A.
I'm sure you know the O-360 also powers the 172 among others.
bentwing60 1
Hey, D.S., without the crosswind the banner would not snag in the trees and the story would not exist.

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