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Singapore Airlines to launch world's longest commercial flight in October

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19 hour non-stop journey from Singapore to the Newark, New Jersey. That would be torture... ( עוד...

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BeechSportBill 6
SURE hope their bathrooms are bigger than those new American Airlines ones...
Roger Deeringer 1
I flew the A340-500 version of this service and was totally turned off by the on-board service, the seats and the timing of the flight (SIN-EWR). If this service is to succeed, all those issues will need to be addressed. All this really does is eliminate a change of plane in NRT, SFO or LAX. Will SQ be able to provide a decent service, at a price that will attract enough PAX to make this a profitable route? Only time will tell.
mags stumpp 1
I took the earlier incarnation of this flight for a big birthday. Left the ground 10 min before the day and landed at 6 am the day after. My feet never touched the ground on the day of my birthday, so it didn't count. Plus, a friend sent a surprise cake onto the plane for me and the flight attendants to enjoy (alas, no candles). Best flight of my life.

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