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American Airlines orders 47 Boeing 787 Dreamliner

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Fort Worth - On April 6, American Airlines confirmed a firm order for 47 Boeing 787 Dreamliner at a value of 12 billion dollars at list prices. The agreement also includes an option for 12 additional devices. ( עוד...

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Fritz Steiner 1
Quote "To simplify our fleet, American has agreed with Airbus to cancel an order for 22 A350s, an order originally made by US Airways..." Quote

It's encouraging to see that American's management has decided to simplify its fleet. It has taken AA only four decades to grasp the concept and business model that Southwest has followed -- with "moderate" success -- since its inception.

The efficiencies snd economies of AA's decision to go to the 787's will be lasting as well as beneficial, not only to the company's bottom line, but also to the flying public.
Harold Dola 1
Interesting--the link is to a story about Airbus orders.
Tom Novak 3
My mistake. The link for the mentioned article:
indy2001 0
The fact that AA is getting rid of 767s is great news. I recently had the opportunity to fly on AA 787-9s from LAX to SYD and AUK to LAX, business class both ways. The aircraft really makes long-haul flights more enjoyable. And I felt so much better after the flights thanks to the lower cabin altitude, increased humidity, and quiet cabin. In fact, I slept for most of the 15 hour flight to Australia and that's tough to do for someone as tall as I am. (Unfortunately a crying baby prevented sleep on the return flight.) And the seats are a huge improvement over the original seats in the 787-8.

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