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Airbus to start final assembly of the ANA's first A380

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Toulouse - The final assembly of the first A380 for the Japanese airline operator All Nippon Airways (ANA) will begin next month for delivery early in 2019, announced Airbus on March 19. ( עוד...

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Christian Parada 3
It's a turtle!
Tom Novak 2
Nope! Obviously a sea turtle :)
Torsten Hoff 4
You're wrong, too -- it's a air turtle!
Thomas Soch 1
It’s a Honu
步凡 韩 1
Will the jet be used on high-density domestic routes?
If yes, how many passengers will it carry?
Tyler Donaldson 1
500 to 600 people on a single airplane. I know I've seen those numbers before, but that's a whole lot of people inside of one airplane!
Joao Ponces 1
Already ANA's and JAL B-777 transport over 500 passengers! What is the big deal?
I have used both several times, and very good!
Tyler Donaldson 2
I didn't realize they were configured to carry that many. It still surprises me, that's all.
Thomas Soch 1
Pressed the down hand by mistake Sorry bout that.
Mike Hindson-Evans 2
I wonder whether the physical size of the passengers comes into play with this sort of high-density seating capacity?
Paul Whitney 1
Airlines don't seem to care, but, I've seen a woman who was too big around to buckle the seatbelt ask the cabin attendant for the short belt used during the safety demo. She wanted to use it as an extender for the one in her seat. The CA gave it to her without a word and it was just long enough.

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