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Inside the Painting Hangars of Airbus

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Toulouse - The design and colors of an aircraft are the key aspects in the development of identity of a company that will operate it, and to ensure that they are applied correctly, Airbus has a center in Toulouse in which more than 400 people work. ( עוד...

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Matha Goram 1
How does it compare with the one in Everett? :)
djames225 3
Boeing does not have 1 central paint operation. Instead they have operations all over the US
PAE-3, PDX-2, RNI-1, BFI-3 (2 can handle a pair of 737'2 each and a larger 1 can handle a large craft and a 737 so is almost like 6 individual hangars) VCV-4 (although not all Boeing) CHS-2 (they can handle more than 1 in each), ARA-3 (1 large and 2 smaller) and another company, that paints for them, has 2 at GEG
Matha Goram 1
Gone are the days when taking off from 34R/SEA, one could see on the right freshly painted 747s at BFI.
Peter McGrath 0
Amazing videos. How would you like to have the masking paper and tape franchise supplying Airbus?
Leon Artac 0
Since I retired from 3M after 25 years,I hope 3M is selling them the paper and tape. They need to in order to keep my retirement coming!!
manuel vieira ribeiro 0
How do the aircraft manufacturers dispose of the paper,tape etc.?
With some many airplanes being built there must be a lot of tape,paper used.
Leon Artac 1
Since it has paint on it, it goes with the other toxins, paints, etc. Big mess.
djames225 0
True artisans at work..I do not believe you can ever get robots to mimic the liquid flow of a humans arms or hands when it comes to painting these beasts.
I do feel sorry thou, for the people who have the job to remove, clean and replace the air filters in the "paint booth".
shrudini -4
How many hangers do they have?
rebomar 6
13 Paint hangars
djames225 12
A whole closet full
jeff crowley 4
Now that's funny right there!

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