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Lufthansa Shows Off New Livery Prior to Highly-Anticipated Unveiling Event

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After years of a distinctive yellow that has identified the brand throughout the world, Lufthansa decided to change to a blue and white scheme. Fortunately, the crane logo created by Otto Firle in 1918, will live on, which was originally created for Deutsche Luft-Reederei, the first German airline. ( עוד...

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Alan Zelt 5
After many, many years, COKE changed its product. That didn't last long. One can only hope that Lufthansa will hear the message. An old livery is not a bad or outdated livery. When I show up at SEATAC, I relax when I see the yellow crane, and know that my flight will depart on time.
Paul Wisgerhof 1
Looks like they were bought by a New Zealand company.
mary susan watkins 1
unfortunately,logos and livery change as carriers merge,change routes or just look for a newer,updated image..the sad part of that is the familiarity we have with the old,is replaced by something we either dont like or don't recognize..cases in point,continental getting rid of "the proud bird with the golden tail" years back,than a change to united..American being merged with us airways and going from the beautiful silver birds to the white with the stripes on the tail and an updated eagle,southwest changing the color scheme on its aircraft,and on and on...I still remember when braniff was "alive and kicking", and they had aircraft of many differing colors,hughes airwest who was distinctively bright yellow,and some others..time goes on and what remains important to the traveler is courtesy,comfort and on time departures,not whats on the tail of the aircraft...
MultiComm 1
I think it is boring ... btw ... what the point of an "unveiling" of the entire world already knows what the new livery looks like. SMH!
dee9bee 0
Meh...At they maintained some tradition on the tail, unlike American.

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