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Delta orders 100 A321neo with the ACF (Airbus Cabin Flex) configuration

Delta Air Lines chose the Airbus A321neo to renew its single-aisle fleet and the Pratt & Whitney PW1100G-JM engines to power it.The value of the order is roughly $25.4 billion at list prices. ( More...

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I wonder what the buzz is in Boeing's Boardroom this morning?

What you sow, so shall ye reap.
captleo 1
Jamar Jackson 14
Snitches get stitches. Boeing crying and snitching . I wouldn’t order them either after they fuxed one of money deals off and called the feds
captleo -1
djames225 3
May I ask why you are screaming?
Bill Sampson 1
I hope that it's just captleo's CAPS LOCK is on
Leon Artac -5
The AF contract was for a two engine aircraft. Airbus bid the A340, a 4 engine aircraft. What would the USAF be doing flying a French aircraft? Come on! Would never fly with Pres. Trump!The Army doesn't order French built tanks do they? By the way, the French built tanks come with back up lights!
canuck44 6
I thought Airbus bid with the A-330 conversion not the A-340 and promised to build it in Alabama. It was designated KC-45.
djames225 6
It was, canuck44...Northrup Grumman was teamed up with EADS (Airbus parent company) to build based on an A330..however due to Boeing's kicking and screaming, Northrup Grumman pulled out in look at the price...ballooned to over $225 mil from the original $189 mil price tag, which was still $5 Mil more than the EADS/Northrup bid.
BTW...Boeing's BS also cost Alabama an Airbus assembly plant to build the A330 tanker AND A330 freighters.
Leon Artac -8
So now there building A321s. What's the difference. Alabama is getting a lot of jobs off of AirBus. I bet you drive a Korean car as well.
djames225 5
And would have a lot more, that's the difference!....and who the H cares what make of car I was assembled in North America!
joel wiley 3
His point may have been that Alabama would have had MORE jobs.
Your 'bet' is a childish, unworthy attack. Korean Hyundai is built in Alabama, Kia is built in Georgia. Out of curiosity, what do you drive and where was it manufactured?
djames225 3
Thanks joel and it was.
djames225 5
Please get your facts straight...BTW Boeings BS cost the US many more jobs and investment than that POS KC-46A...but you go ahead and keep on thinking within those narrow walls.
PS..the aircraft would have been American built.
Leon Artac -3
American built and the profits going to Airbus in France. I don't believe that profits going to a foreign company get taxed by the US. Narrow Walls you bet.
Mike Boote 5
Profits aren't taxed. Revenues are. And, yes, they pay US taxes.
djames225 3
American built and using American parts..WTheck do you think Northrop Grumman is located???..they too would get revenue and more Americans would get jobs and more American companies would get contracts..Boeing has hired diddly squat extra for that over budget POS KC-46A..and I said narrow walls because maybe it's about time folks expanded them.
canuck44 10
Maybe the Bombardier CEO will send Boeing a sympathy card.
David Seider 6
I'll sign it!
Claude B. 4
As a consolation price, here is a Superb Private jet for them :
David Seider 1
^^^ consolation prize = lust
Claude B. 8
In less then 24 hours, Boeing lost over $50 billions in order. ( Delta bought 100 Airbus, Canada Will need 88 new fighting jets after the new second hand CF-18 will be to old to fly.)

Boeing is a giant looser! Plus the bad publicity they made with that story!
Lee Smith 7
The winds of Chicago are going to be howling loud & cold for some one tossed out into the street of the, canyon of corporate towers at 100 North Riverside Plaza.
steve mondral 12
Time to paint a big OOPS on the wall in the Boeing boardroom.
john Gargiulo 6
Boeing will be remembered in the business text books for how they lost market share to Airbus. Their lack of vision to replace the 757 and 767, and create substandard aircraft as the 737-900 is amazing. They are right up there with Coke when they rolled our NEW COKE
canuck44 9
Don't forget they abandoned the market served by the 717 as well. Had they continued that line or one like it, Bombardier probably would not have taken the chance on the C-series.
Dan Mitzel 2
Yay for DAL... 20 FC seats means a better UG % for this Medallion.
Yazoo 1
I don't see any advantage to the ACF configuration. 197 people take a long time to plane and deplane. The L2 door boarding works great. Adding window exits restricts who and sit them (most understand English, be able to operate the door, must be 15, etc. and requires the time for a F/A to brief the exit rows. Passengers fighting to get the exit rows and dealing with additional fares for those seats all add cost. The 8 door, no overwing exit eliminates all that mess.
joel wiley 0
I was wondering about whether Boeing sold anything recently and found this:

Boeing’s net total order count for the first 11 months of 2017 comes to 647 commercial aircraft, compared to Airbus’ 331 net order total for the same period. The count does not include military, business/VIP and private customer orders.

As of Nov. 30, Boeing has delivered 657 commercial aircraft compared to Airbus’ 588. Military, business/VIP and private customers are not included in these totals.

So it looks to me like Boeing isn't going to fold it's tent and fade into the desert twilight anytime soon.
canuck44 3
Boeing or any other company cannot afford to keep losing the big ones. This is actually a contract with another 100 options which undoubtedly will enable Delta to convert some of them to the A-321LR as their 757's age out. Boeing has no replacement and with Airbus already set up at Delta this is most likely. American and United have almost 100 757's that will need to be replaced and will have the Delta experience to evaluate.
joel wiley 1
One occurrence is an incident, a second a coincidence, a third is a trend.
djames225 3
No, but at the same time, they still try and bully the smaller players!
joel wiley 1
And appear to expect the current federal administration to hold its coat.
chalet -7
I suspect Delta got these aircraft for a really low price, did I hear $50 mill a pop.
Iain Maciver 11
Please substantiate your source. “....50 mill...”
chalet -9
It is evident that you know nothing about these transactions. First of all the airframe manufacturers be it small airplanes like Cessna's or the Big Two never, repeat never disclose the selling pricesofn their contracts (the Airlines themselves are bound to secrecy with iron-clad NDA; say do you know what NDAs are). Secondly trade maGazines such as AW&ST, Flying, Global, etc. are always fun to state "indicated prices are List Prices but the manufacturer(s) always grant DEEP DISCOUNTS in large orders like this, sometimes 50& or more). OK?
djames225 11
They asked a simple question and you answer like that? made it seem like you knew the price when you stated $50 Mil..I do not think Airbus would sell a $127 Mil aircraft for $50 Mil.
chalet -2
The Wall St. Journal made this statement back in 2012 "Airbus and Boeing publish list prices for their aircraft but the actual prices charged to airlines vary; they can be difficult to determine and tend to be much lower than the list prices. Both manufacturers are engaged in a price competition to defend their market share.[61]
The actual transaction prices may be as much as 63% less than the list prices, as reported in 2012 in the Wall Street Journal, giving some examples from the Flight International subsidiary Ascend:[62]
djames225 4
Maybe if you had come back with that answer, you would not have looked foolish..but you still do to some extent because you are basing your facts on 5 yr old logic.
If what you state is suppose to be true, Boeing and the US Dept of Commerce will look even more like foolhardy idiots as 63% off the list price on a CS100 is $28.4 mil.
chalet 0
It is evident that you are not up to speed with the pricing criteria used by the aiframe manufacturing industry. The steep discounts of 50% and more happened 5 years ago and will continue for another 25 years.
David Seider 5
chalet - I don't know. Did you hear $50 mill a pop? If so, how did you come to hear it? If not, how did you arrive at that figure - by throwing a dart at the wall while blindfolded?
chalet -8
And facing the opposite direcction. Read the above and don't make absurd comparisons, OK fella?
djames225 4
Says the pot calling the kettle black!
chalet -1
Read, get fully informed and then could write some kind of sense.

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Torsten Hoff 3
Does FADEC make you squirm, too?
Mike Boote 2
How does an inanimate object have (or not have) morals?
canuck44 5
Had a date like that once.
djames225 1 least it was only once
djames225 1
Obviously you no longer fly on anything except the seat of your pants...oh wait..maybe they have morals also.


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