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Check out Singapore Airlines' stunning new Airbus A380 luxury suites

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On Thursday, Singapore Airlines unveiled the all-new cabins that will be installed on its fleet of Airbus A380 Superjumbos. ( עוד...

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patrick baker 2
in some small way, this makes sense to pay Singapore airlines the money instead of chartering a gulfstream jet for the same stage length. These suites are more roomy than any jet, except the BBJ. Count me among the envious critics from the peanut gallery here.
Ric Wernicke 1
This interior is simply stunning. With only six suites competition will be keen for business pax wanting to upgrade with miles.

Singapore does it right again.
Mike Boote -1
The word 'obscene' comes to mind. On the other hand, kudos to Singapore Airlines for figuring out how to get rich, stupid people to part with their money.
Brian Acquistapace 2
I don't know about 'obscene' but they are definitely going after the absurdly wealthy crowd that is used to doing most of their flying in private jets. If that is what they are going for with their first class product, they appear to have hit the nail on the head. Even business class looks mighty posh to me.

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