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United Goes Airframer 'Agnostic' On Future Orders

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United Airlines no longer pledges allegiance to any particular airframer, despite a fleet and orderbook dominated by Boeing models. ( עוד...

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Christian Parada 3
I'd like to fly on a United A350.
Brad Littlejohn 3
And in that very same article UAL contradicts itself, by saying that they won't include any aircrafts from Embraer or Bombardier in its mainline fleet, leaving the regionals to pick up that slack. If the regionals are not included, as they are part of dba (doing business as), then UAL contradicts themselves by NOT including any talks with Embraer or Bombardier, or even Mitsubishi for its mainline fleet. Just saying "Boeing or Airbus" does not make them agnostic, unless they include all.
Torsten Hoff 2
Their mainline fleet is served by aircraft with a higher capacity than what Bombardier and Embraer currently offer. I don't think UAL is contradicting itself due to the mainline qualification.
E Portzline 1
Um, not really. He doesn’t contradict himself. The article implies a contradiction by stating something he has previously said, but Kirby in fact says nothing contradictory.
Scott Campbell 1
Well they have purchased hundreds of E-175's for skywest
Brad Littlejohn 3
That proves my point: not for the mainline fleet. SKW operates for DAL, UAL, ASA, and AAL. None of those regional jets are in any of those airline's mainline fleet, especially regarding UAL. So they are only talking about Boeing and Airbus, and being agnostic would allow them to consider other airframers as well, yet they aren't. So are they truly being agnostic?
Felipe Garcia 1
The Mesa 175s are corporate owned though. United owns them and has some sort of arrangement so that Mesa flies them.

I believe the SkyWest and Republic 175s are all owned by the regionals.
john Gargiulo 2
United needs a management makeover, their culture is terrible and it starts with Munoz. You could give them airplanes and they would screw it up.
Scott Campbell 0
Uh no that was Jeff - major improvements since his departure and Munoz arrived, but my thought is he'll retire at some point - who wants to work with a heart transplant and the medications -

Scott Campbell 2
737-10 can there be worse decision ? the 900 is a disaster, horrible seats, can't climb to a preferred altitude with full fuel until it burns some off, and needs a tail stick before unloading.
LethalThreat 3
Honestly I was hoping for Boeing to announce a 757-8 and -9 instead of the MAX 10. It probably would have sold like crazy, especially with current 757 operators.
Felipe Garcia 2
Yeah there can. 737MAX11. Wouldn't put it past Boeing.
s2v8377 1
The A321s have all of the same issues as the B739s. Neither aircraft does their mission well. The airlines buy them because they are cheaper to operate than the older 757s even with the terrible performance on the B739 and A321.
s2v8377 1
On the cabins don't blame Boeing. It's the airlines that design the configuration and pick the seats. Look at American they're increasing the seating on their B738s from 160 to 172 to match the configuration of 737 MAX 8. Talk about torture!!!
Roger Deeringer 1
Is this just an extension of the old Steve Wolfe / Airbus deal?
Scott Campbell 1
I'll take anu regioanls 175's over mainline anyone's 37 in front or back !!
Scott Campbell 1
how about any regionals .....geez :)
Leon Artac 1
I NEVER fly United so I really don't care. They should be bought out by someone.

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