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The Boss of Qatar Airways Ridicules American Carriers For Their Aged Flight Attendants

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Pat Tolaj 8
I've had young attendants and older attendants, male and female. It never really made a difference with my service. I will say this though: When flying overseas, if I have the option to choose a foreign carrier, I'll take it almost every time. I flew overseas on a domestic airliner once, and although it wasn't bad, it doesn't hold a candle to some foreign carriers.
Sam Johnson 6
He is not up to date on how the US works. Discrimination, thank God, is not allowed when it pertains to work. Just what I want when I fly commercial - A snappy looking tomato without a brain as an attendent. I will take the older flight attendents any time.
this is a stupid idiot .
Cade foster 7
He might want to try and influence "his" country's leaders to stop harboring murdering terrorists. A little more important than his worrying about the age of flight attendants in the USA.
pilotjag 5
Agreed. I'm not sure why he has to insult elderly flight attendants. They are trying to make a living just like anyone else in this world and deserve respect. I have flown on flights where there were elderly flight attendants, and I've add great interactions with all of them.
Alan Zelt -8
So, what age is elderly to you? Obviously, any female same age as you is probably considered elderly. What does that make you.
pilotjag 3
What's the point you are trying to make here with this unnecessary comment?
Weird, in our country we have laws against age discrimination. Forgive us for at least trying to do the right thing in the US.
Tom Bruce 2
I'd rather have a seasoned veteran on board when the stuff hits the fan...
kikia 1
Service differences between the ME3 and US3 are primarily attributed to cabin crew staffing levels. ME3 777s have double, sometimes triple the number of f/as than the regularly FAA minimum staffed US metal. That's corporate pinching pennies, operating solely to maximize profit.
jbermo 1
To those that prefer the airlines of the Middle East in traveling abroad, just be aware that their employed labor staff works under work rules that nearly border on slave labor. . . and competing against such is difficult in the airline world.
I don't really care if the female attendant is seasoned as long as she is not bitchy and can remember to bring my little bottle of JD.
I thumbed u back up, I'm sure we'll both go down again!!!
Back at ya! Gone down in flames before.
Flight attendants, bartenders, servers, etc. I buy my ticket, drinks, and food based on what I get for my money. If I happen to get a looker to boot that's a bonus but not the reason I'm there. Of course any airline can try nude hostesses if they really think that is the key to success. Lol
Eric Schmaltz 1
Did this story even belong on here?
yikes! some of these comments are not befitting a website that is supposed to be about aviation interests,and not the age of flight attendants!if it is of interest to some,go back and check the history of and reasons for having flight attendants (at one time called "air hostesses", or stewardesses) might be of interest as well that here in the u.s., until the late 70's,there were carriers that only hired single women,had a required retirement of age of 30-35 and made the ladies "weigh in" on a monthly basis..whats important when you fly on any carrier, is the timeliness of your flight,and the treatment/customer service experience as a whole..the man from quatar airways is expressing the views of his own country and culture...
He is right, there are some haggard looking stewardesses at some American airline companies. British Midland has the worst I have seen.
watkinssusan and haggard looking are in the eye of the beholder..the person with quatar who made the age related statements has since apologized for them as he received a lot of backlash..time to move on with other discussions..

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Alan Zelt 4
Air Hostesses? How elderly are you?
I fail to see your point, son...
fernando kosop -6
he is dead right!!!!! US carriers, besides having the worst onboard service, have flight attendants that worked with the Wright brothers!! And the majority of them are very unpolite!!! women or diference!!!!
I'm working with Trump, Spirit Airlines, and the FAA very closely on this. They'll be replaced by two machines. One will grab your bills, the other will dispense your product...
Neil49 1
And if you're female, they'll be grabbing more than that.


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