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The Playbook for Privatizing Air Traffic Control Already Exists

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If you can get beyond the rhetoric, there are serious, practical issues to be considered when deciding whether to privatize America’s air traffic control function. I put this up so we can all see what some people are saying about the FAA privatization effort. I personally, vigorously, disagree with the authors assertions about the success of the automated FSS privatization. ( עוד...

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Mike Mohle 3
Well, I admit I think the entire US Govt is mostly a bunch of overpaid boobs and extremely inefficient. Overall ATC works great and is consistent across the country and (most important to me) serves GA well. It seems privatizing ATC will allow the airlines to decide how it will be run and will potentially give them priority in the system and then reduce services at primarily GA airports to make their budgets. Bad idea.
ToddBaldwin3 3
I agree with you that privatization is bad idea. One of the reasons listed for privatizing is to remove the budget uncertainty from the ATC system, but I say the correct cure for that problem is for Congress to do their job and actually pass working budget on time. Please keep in mind, though, that there are a whole bunch of us Civil Service, that work very hard, and do not make as much as we could in the private sector.
joel wiley 0
I admit I think your first and second sentences do not fit well together. I agree that there is bloat, particularly in the upper GS pay scales. However, there are many dedicated federal employees. I don't think I'd characterize the the federal employees on the fire lines this summer are either overpaid or extremely inefficient. I think your first sentence is overly broad and overly simplistic.

My overly broad and simplistic concern is whether one of main selection criteria for a privatization vendor is "how much did you contribute to the Trump election campaign, rounded to the neared million dollars?"
Ruger9X19 2
If you get a chance check out the podcast Aviation News Talk they put out a 2+ hour podcast that goes into great detail on the proposals. The loose ends that Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao doesn't know the answers to is frightening.

Podcast site link:

I can't access the site from work but here is a sticher link to the exact episode:
linbb 2
It is one of the things which never should be left to the private sector and proof is overseas in the EU.
Ruger9X19 2
Lets not forget we are gifting Billions of dollars of infrastructure to a private company with no payback to the government, unlike Canada and witch both sold the infrastructure to the companies taking over.
Ruger9X19 2
Edit: Canada and UK which...
N5827P 2
Many things wrong with the idea of ATC privatization. Perhaps most importantly is the fact that the airlines would run the system. We all see what great managers they are by their customer service. Second is I already pay for the ATC services I use via fuel tax. Haven't heard a mention of lowering the fuel tax in exchange for the fees I would inevitably pay. Third the mention of transferring control of the flight service stations to a private organization was a disaster. Literally 45-60 minutes on hold waiting for a briefer. Only really workable when digital briefing became the norm and nobody called Flight Service any more.

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