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Strong turbulence: 27 wounded on Aeroflot 777-300ER

A passenger shared a video record showing the situation in the cabin after the incident. ( More...

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The takeaway from this story? Most people don't know how to take quality video with their phones.
Sam Johnson 23
Passengers who fly without their seat belts on are idiots and asking to be hurt. They should be responsible to pay their own medical bills.
Eric Schmaltz 4
Turbulence can be encountered anytime without warning. You can't logically expect everyone on board an aircraft to have their seatbelts on at ALL times. Trips to the restroom. Grabbing things from the overhead compartment or just stretching your legs. Christ, even pilots don't weaar their seatbelts ALL the time. And what about flight attendants? They spend the majority of ALL their flights walking around the plane. Their not all idiots. Shit happens "plane" and simple.
Dave Kadonoff 4
I was on an American flight recently ORD to SNA. On approach, about 20 minutes before landing over the San Bernardino pass the head attendant announce that the captain had asked all attendants to sit for the remainder of the flight. One attendant was walking to to the back of the plane and as she got to my row, 16c the first bump hit which put her on the floor. She grabbed my armrest and the 16d's, I locked my arm around hers and held her with my left hand when the next one hit throwing her 20 inches into the air. She was okay but obviously shaking. And of course I had my belt on, as always. You never know.
These incidents occur with historical frequency. On May 7, 1963, an elderly man died and 25 passengers and a flight attendant were injured when a TCA Vickers Vanguard on a flight from Vancouver to Edmonton encountered severe turbulence at 21,000 feet, 50 miles west of Rocky Mountain House. Witnesses reported that the seat-belt sign illuminated just before the turbulence was encountered.
matt jensen 2
Exactly my point
What can I say? The low cost flying public now think that there is no difference between sitting in their loungeroom versus cruising at M 0.85 at 37,000 feet...
John Freschl 2
Airlines could do a better job of showing passengers what can happen in CAT rather than just telling them to keep their belts fastened. New stories like this one help educate the public, especially those who don't fly often. And, as Dave K mentioned, CAT can occur at 3,000 feet AGL and below 250 knots. Flying near t-storms, mountains, and behind heavy jets are certainly times to be extra vigilant.

indy2001 5
Hey, we just flew through severe turbulence that injured several other passengers so let's all get up and stand around looking at the damage. Idiots. Sometimes I think people are lulled into a false sense of security on larger aircraft, believing that the plane's size alone will mitigate any turbulence. And what airline doesn't give passengers the standard recommendation to keep your seat belt fastened at all times? I've never flown on Aeroflot and, God willing, I will never have to.
Other airlines are immune to CAT???
indy2001 6
No, my point was that EVERY airline that I've ever flown in North America and Europe has included the standard warning that goes something like "The seat belt light is now extinguished, so you are free to move about the cabin. While you are seated, however, we strongly recommend that you keep your seat belt loosely fastened around your waist. If you'd like to sleep, please make sure the seat belt is visible so that we don't have to wake you if the seat belt light comes on." Recently, U.S. airlines have been saying that FAA regulations make it mandatory that passengers keep their seat belts fastened while they are seated. I don't know if it's actually an FAA reg, but it makes so much sense.
matt jensen 2
Aeroflot has come a long way from the bad old days in the soviet union. Now they're not a bad carrier. CAT can and does affect a lot of jets, no one is immune.
Jane Pinto 2
Wounded? We're they shot, stabbed? I think injured is the more appropriate word. As for the injuries: being ignorant has consequences.
Alan Dahl 3
Other articles have indicated that the turbulence hit just as many passengers had gotten up to use the toilets prior to decent into Bangkok. While I am sure that some of the injured passengers were people that were seated, many of them were babies in arms or people in the aisles or in the lavatory so IMHO it’s not fair to chastise them for not having their belts latched without knowing the exact details of the injured.
Dee Lowry 0
Cant fix Stupid! Always buckle up!!


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