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The famed 'Warthog' will stick around until at least 2021

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A-10 Warthog fans can breathe a sigh of relief: The Air Force won’t start retiring the famed close-air support plane until 2021, at the very earliest.....followed by much Pentagon bureaucrat double speak. ( עוד...

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bbabis 3
And well past 2021 unless a mission dedicated replacement is produced.
Sherman Pyle 3
Good move, we need more thinkers like this, that is one awesome A/C
matt jensen 3
Michael Stansfield 3
Smart move.
dondtus 2
Tucson AZ appreciates that!
Dorothy King 1
Great! Love that idea !
josh homer 1
There were some A-10's at KAFW last week for some reason. Such a beautiful and sturdy aircraft! Great move!
Ask a fighter pilot, would you rather fly an A-10 or the politically correct F-35 in close air support. I hate to think, that as certain Pentagon officials try to integrate some F-35's into the current Middle East war, the losses we will incur. I have yet to see where any variant of the F-35 has the built in airframe, engine, or pilot protection as does the A-10. This, Just an old bug smasher's two cents...
Anthony Sangregorio 1
As a retired Flying Tiger and A-10 East Coast Demonstration Team Chief I am happy to hear A-10 fans will continue to enjoy watching the shows and the enemy will continue to fear her wrath!

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