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Lake Erie Private Jet Crash Reminds Aviation Industry to Double Up to Minimize Risk

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In aviation, vertigo is a, possibly fatal, spacial disorientation pilots can experience when flying over areas, such as water, with no reference to the ground. ( עוד...

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nsroczynski 6
This article suggests that flying single pilot is deadly, yet does not include any data on how many accidents could have been avoided by having two pilots. This also assumes that the Cleveland crash was caused by vertigo or is another example of a scenario where the second pilot could have saved the plane, yet the plane has not been found. We don't know why it crashed at this point and trying to push assumptions as facts to push a regulatory desire is simply put: wrong.
linbb 1
I agree and many single pilot AC are higher work load than a pure jet. That statement was made by a pilot who at one time was head of flight standards for the FAA. He flew single pilot A26 AC in the service.
Highflyer1950 2
Actually, I thought the article was well written and deserves merit. This accident may in fact be mechanical failure but I like the two pilot scenario.
F.O. Krupke 1
I agree, the article is well-written and thoughtful. The incredible safety record enjoyed by airline and corporate operators is due, in large part, to their strict adherence to regular training, adherence to standard operating procedures, and two pilot operations in high performance airplanes and high workload environments. Anything private operators can do to emulate these "best practices" can only make their operations safer.

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