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Canada: Feds choose Airbus C295 for new search-and-rescue plane

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The federal Canadian government will choose the Airbus C295 ( עוד...

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Iain Robertson 1
A specified model of a Canadian-built Dash-8 would work? Viking couldn't make a new DHC-5? It would appear Europeans are out to take away the few Canadian Aerospace jobs extant.. Bureaucrats, lobbyists and politicians should be made to answer in person to the thousands of unemployed and under-employed Canadians.
Neil Slater 3
Now, now; Canada has a proud tradition of losing aircraft manufacturing jobs, extending back at least to the Avro Arrow. Who are you to recommend going against tradition?

I was a passenger in a Twin Otter SAR aircraft in 1988. There was a broken air duct to keep a window clear, but it was a beautiful olane, and an awesome crew. I'd trust our SAR personnel to the ends of the earth, and they deserve the best planes available to help them perform a heroic job. If DHC or Bomdardier could provide those plane at a competitive price, fine. If not, then we'll have to go wherever necessary for the best plane at the best price.

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