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Southwest Airlines raises Pilots pay by 30%

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Southwest Airlines Co. pilots approved a new contract that will boost pay almost 30 percent over its term and improve retirement benefits while falling short of recent raises proposed at some rival U.S. carriers. The agreement was approved by about 84 percent of those voting ( עוד...

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30west 8
Well done Southwest pilots! I am happy for you.
Warren Craycroft 7
I was one of the last passengers getting off a late Southwest flight one evening. As I came up the aisle, there was the captain with a garbage bag going through the seats with the cabin crew, pitching in to get the flight back on time. Pretty much exemplifies the Southwest culture. Great airline.
mary susan watkins 3
warren..southwest has always had a different system than other carriers, where a ground crew does not clean the cabin or pick up garbage or check the seats at each stop..the flight attendants do that as well as preparing their carts for service before takeoff..i agree that it is a lovely gesture for the captain to assist the flight attendants in getting the trash picked up,but its to his advantage to get the passengers on and the flight out on time..their ground crews only clean at the overnight destination..i am happy for the cockpit crews that they received a raise..southwests pilots have always been paid a bit better than some other carriers anyway..
Roger Curtiss 3
Since they only get paid for the time the aircraft is out of the blocks that is some incentive to pitch in-although other airline flight crews do not seem to share that enthusiasm.
Eutimio Archuleta 3
Great news for the pilots, it is a tough job nowdays, unlike the glory days of the 50's, 60's up until dereg.
Response to Warren: You are right it does exemplify the SW culture, and yes GREAT AIRLINE.
bud gilbert 1
they deserve it. hey martin loan me some money.
blueashflyer 1
Who are the 16% that vote against it? 30% raise not good enough?
joel wiley 1
The 4 year contract also provides compensation going back the 4 years of negotiations and has changes to the retirement plan. Maybe some did not find the terms satisfactory. Who knows?
Steve Russell -6
Your all still overpaid and underworked... southwest sux
joel wiley 6
Did you by chance mean to type "you're"? I don't believe Southwest serves Sioux City.
Kenneth Schmidt 1
Southwest serves Omaha, the closest connection to Sioux City.
Avi Harush 1
Good airline
Buster Chappell 1
Low fares have been gone for a while! They aren't coming back with deals like these!
ernestl morellsr 0
....That means only one bag overhead and one bage over your shoulder, Wife and kids in baggage compartment.all animal strapped to the wings..pilots gets new Beama, new flight attendants, and a chance to test flight at NSA..just kidding, you guys deserves every dime..hahahah

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