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Russian fighter jet intercepts american fighter

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A Russian SU-27 jet and a US Navy P-8A Poseidon were involve in this altercation. The SU-27 came to feet within the P-8A. This is going to incrase tensions between the two nations. ( עוד...

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Timothy McDonnell 4
1st think this is a duplicate, 2nd the P-8 is no fighter.
linbb 2
Gotta think about who is on this board these days as its got some wanna bees that feel the need to post something and have very little or no AC experience.
Sumeet Chavan 1
I meant to write plane. That was a mistake on my part
Roy Hunte 1
A P-8 is as far from a fighter as a horse is from a cow. Both are aircraft, that's where it stops.

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