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Eighteen elephants are bound for the U.S. after being loaded on a cargo plane in Swaziland, Africa

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Eighteen elephants are bound for the U.S. after being loaded on a cargo plane in Swaziland, Africa, according to the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium. ( עוד...

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andy streit 2
Does anyone have any flight information?
brent20 3
I believe this is it here:
Brad Littlejohn 1
This is indeed it. WOWT also tracked this, and has a nice plug for FlightAware as well:

The Omaha World-Herald still has a livestream of unloading the B744 running at their site as well:
daniel baumgartner 1
The local Dallas/Fort Worth TV news reported this morning that the A/C landed around midnight at Allaince Airport. They were to be off-loaded and transported to 3-4 different Zoos of which one was the Dallas Zoo.
Scott Campbell 0
Yea maybe find them being loaded onto an aircraft - nothing to see here AV GEEKS !! Move along
Brad Littlejohn 3
Apparently, you haven't realized that each of the airports they landed at is covered by a LiveATC feed. Plus when you're dealing with the logistics of unloading 18 animals weighing over a ton each, you get to marvel at how much a heavy aircraft like the B747 can actually handle.

That unloading/loading, ATC clearance and comms are what makes this very Aviation related, especially us AV GEEKS.

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