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Andre Turcat, pilot who flew first Concorde, dies aged 94

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Andre Turcat, a French test pilot who was the first person to fly the Concorde, has died aged 94. As chief test pilot for the programme, Turcat took off from a Toulouse airfield in March 1969 in Concorde 001 - the prototype for the iconic passenger jet. And he was at the controls again six months later when the jet broke the sound barrier for the first time. He died on Monday at his home in Aix-en-Provence in southern France. ( עוד...

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Henry Jessel 6
I respect this man. A great man and pioneer in aviation. May he Rest In Peace.
blueashflyer 3
some pilots Fly West, I suppose he Flew West supersonic-ally. RIP.
ncpilot 3
He will now be able to fly the Concorde at will. RIP sir.
Stephen Koehler 3
Now he flies with angels.
I never realised that he went into politics. Seems he was holding down the job of Deputy Mayor of Toulouse whilst still Chief Test Pilot on the French side!...according to the quoted dates in the story.
casper jones 1
All due respect. May his soul rest in eternal peace.
casper jones 3
A respectable pilot who has gone on to fly with angels

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