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United CEO Oscar Munoz had a heart attack, in hospital

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United Continental Chief Executive Officer Oscar Munoz had a heart attack on Thursday and is currently in a Chicago hospital, Dow Jones reported Friday. ( עוד...

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canuck44 3
We will know in the next few days...the protocol is to to a cardiac cath and if blockages are identified to do an angioplasty with or without stenting. If that is successful and he got to this level of care soon enough, his absence should be brief. Our goal is to have the patient in the Cath Lab within 90 minutes. Longer absence would be a result of surgery (either open or closed) or substantial damage.

Either way I wish him the best for a speedy recovery.
Kenneth Schmidt 1
Had that done in 2000, no problems since. Wish him the best.
canuck44 2
No more medical information but a good analysis of what it means to the company.
It appears that United is taking a toll on its employees...
mary susan watkins 1
stress in your life ,such as being a ceo of a very large corporation,can irritate undelying conditions of the heart caused by heredity, bad diet,or just ignoring a problem..having a stent and heart cath procedure nowadays is quite common for clogged arteries, and since it is done with cameras and xrays, the doctor can also tell if the heart muscle is ok..i wish ths gentleman (munoz) the best and i hope he will be able to return to his position if he so chooses...I have only read that he had a heart attack, with no specifics as to the severity or the cause...
Michel Montreuil -4
Who cares? CEO's are just money hungry people who deserve no credit for what they do.
Michael Wendt 0
Maybe that applies to most CEOs, but not all. Some really are worth every penny.

I personally know Continental employees who cried when Bethune left. I don't personally know anyone who was sorry to see either Tilton or Smisek leave.
genial todo

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