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FAA: Don't pack lithium batteries in your checked bag

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If you've been packing extra lithium batteries in your checked bag before a flight, you might want to avoid doing so in the future. The FAA warns that storing those batteries in luggage that'll travel in the cargo hold can "present a risk of both igniting and fueling fires." The agency wants airlines to prohibit the practice and to remind travelers at check-in not to stow extras in a checked suitcase. Worried about running out of juice for that toothbrush or point-and-shoot… ( עוד...

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sparkie624 1
These batteries can and will burn... You cannot put them out with a TYPE 1, 2, or 3 Fire Extinguisher, and Halon will not work on them... When ever transporting them, cover at least one terminal, preferably both... Many batteries come with a good protector to put over the terminals, which is a good idea. Also, ever carry one attached to the charger..> If the diode goes bad, it will short and catch fire.
Kenneth Schmidt 0
I carry extra Lion batteries where ever I go for the camera and radio. Key is to keep them from shorting out by taping the terminals or carrying them in a container or pouch where they cannot move. Banning them is not the answer.

linbb 2
But by not putting them in a container that if anything were to take place would not endanger others like you are. Ask a RC airplane person about how they transport there battery's. There are containers to store them in that will contain any meltdown that might take place. By ignoring regulations like you seem to want to do and if others do also you are putting others at risk. Nothing more nothing less.
tking2097 2
Kenneth - The real problem is lithium batteries can spontaneously start burning *internally* with NO external cause! Taping exposed terminals is a good idea too, but won't stop these rare, unplanned internal fires from occurring.

A lithium battery stored on a shelf in a work room for my RC planes caught on fire last year. After hearing a smoke alarm go off in the room, I ran in, grabbed a fire extinguisher, and emptied the ABC rated extinguisher on the violently burning battery. The extinguisher only slowed down the fire, but would not put it out. Numerous similar reports can be found from other electric RC airplane owners.

There is a known chemical failure mechanism in lithium batteries which occasionally causes one to ignite internally, which is why the regulations are now in place. Also worth noting, I don't believe a container linbb mentions would stop a lithium battery fire like I experienced. A lithium battery fire is violent, extremely hot, and a large rated fire extinguisher would not put the fire out!

Pass this information on to others who may not be aware of why this regulation is needed and required. The is absolutely no doubt it will save lives, perhaps yours or mine one day.
sparkie624 1
They call those LIPO Bags... They do not stop or prevent the fire.. They just contain the fire... Which is not a bad idea...
sparkie624 1
Be sure to use Electrical or a rubberized Tape... Scotch tape is not good.

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