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(Video) 2015 Integrated Live Fire Exercise - US / S Korea

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HD video of a US / S Korea live fire military exercise - August 2015 ( עוד...

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WhiteKnight77 2
I had the privilege of going on an exercise to S. Korea back in the 80s. I learned then that the South Koreans took their freedom seriously. All weapons point north and they shoot first and ask questions later. There were plenty of live fire exercises then and it wasn't unusual to hear artillery a good share of the night as well as them at the rifle range across the airstrip. Even a few of the GP tents we used ended up with some new 5.56mm holes in them.

With all the recent saber rattling from the north, ROK soldiers and airmen showing their might is needed every now and then.
Jeff Coghill 2
My dad was in Korea in the early 70s and he said the ROKs are something else. Total badassery throughout their entire army. Why NK thinks they could win in a fight is beyond me. If China would back out of the way and let the two sides (SK & NK) go at it, NK would lose in a week.
btweston 1
Blowed 'em up real good.

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