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House panel votes to keep the A-10 Warthog flying another year

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Colonel McSally, Army and CAS One, Air Force suits Zero. Now it is on to the Senate where the Air Force has even less of a chance of killing the A-10. It is unlikely it will end up being a big issue in the ending huge budget for Obama to kill it. ( עוד...

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jbqwik 3
Smart move and good news for Common Sense. Because, you know, the AF will never admit to their F35 debacle.. .. aw heck, I was hoping to never say that F word again...
preacher1 1
Well, that Fword won't even be good and available until 2020. That's 5 years away. I think it should have been longer than a year. The Fword ain't gonna make it. Hunk of Junk.
744pnf 3
Turn the A10 over to the Marines!
Marcus Pradel 1

SmokedChops 1
keep it funded and working. The newest A-10 left Hagerstown Assembly in 1984, keep it fed, keep it fit, it will keep doing its job. At some point, a replacement will be needed. (might get a good deal on some low time Su-25's.....) When you need a hammer right now, a 'pneudraulic nail setting/demolition and anti-gravity blender tool system' still in the early R&D phase is of little use. A hammer. Hit the nail, move on.

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