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Last "Cactus" flight arrives at PHL

Cactus has signed off. The call sign pilots use for US Airways flights when talking to air traffic controllers was retired this morning as American Airlines received its single operating certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration ( More...

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Frank DeLeon 8
I worked many Cactus flights during my 35 year career as an ATC. Sorry to see them go.
Matt Carden 6
Go long "Cactus!" The callsign will be missed. At least it will not be forgotten. I am sure none of us (at least those of us who follow aviation) will never forget this transmission:

---"Cactus 15[49] turn right 280 you can land runway one at Teterboro."

---"we can't do it."

---"kay which runway would you like at Teterboro?"

---"I'm sorry say again Cactus?"

(Ok, ATC actually said Cactus 1529 at this point but I corrected it for this post).
Brian Bishop 5
It was kinda funny last night listening to the ATC chatter from all the traffic in and out of CLT correcting themselves " American 1234....".
Always liked the Cactus callsign.

Worst part about this is now we as controllers aren't going to know which AAL pilots are going to complain about every little bump they get and the ones that won't.
Farewell Cactus......another one for the history books....!
ADXbear 4
I was at LAS yesterday when an US air A320 was about to take the runway, the pilot announced it as Cactus flight ### and ATC corrected him.. pilot said yea whatever.. And that call sign goes back to American West Airlines which USAir bought years ago..
Paul Ahkolik 4
Please don't be offended, but I believe you meant the former America West.
matt jensen 2
It was AWA that saved USA
Mark Panitz 2
correction America west bought us air and cactus

was America west callsign
valkyriexb70 2
The Cactus call sign was used at America West to differentiate them from both American and Western on the radio.
Matt Ingmire 2
Hate to see it go.
Michelle King 1
What is the origination of "call sign"/"callsigns" ? I didn't know they existed!!
ken young 1
After America West and US Airways merged, the "US" Callsign was changed to "Cactus'.
US Airways commuter flights have the moniker of "Piedmont".....
I would imagine callsigns were developed in order to separate similar sounding/pronounced company names...
Wayne Scott 0
Sometimes autocorrect or predictive typing enters words in ways the writer did not intend. Oftentimes, (or is it often times?), it's difficult to spot before posting.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

Paul Ahkolik 0
My apologies...I should've realized that pointing-out a simple typo and listing my "credentials" and experience would've "earned" so many negative votes.

"Per experientiam scire." - C.L.L. O'Riordan


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