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FAA pulls pilot's license after plane buzzed beach

On March 13, Joseph B. Kirbow was flying a Diamond DA40 single engine airplane that skimmed over people and cars on the beach, at times flying no more than 15 feet above the ground, FAA officials said. "You flew so close to another individual on the beach that you broke his fishing pole when your aircraft snagged his fishing line," according to the FAA's license revocation order. ( More...

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Gene Glascock 0
Should pull that license forever, he's old enough to know better to do something stupid like that.
Jeff Lawson 0
I wonder if he had to pay for the replacement of that guy's fishing pole? :)
mitchell baird 0
I haven't even gotten my license yet, and I know better then that... then again I live nowhere near a beach
Brent Moolyk 0
he must of been high on meth flying that plane
gkamilar 0
Idiots like this ruin it for the rest of us who fly like professionals even if were just in it for the joy of flying


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