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Near-midair collision shakes JetBlue passengers

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The FAA has opened an investigation into a JetBlue flight involved in a close call with another plane over Westchester County Airport. About 1:45 p.m. Sunday, JetBlue Airways Flight 94 from Orlando was preparing to land at the airport when its pilots received a safety alert from air-traffic controllers about a plane in the vicinity, the Federal Aviation Administration said. ( עוד...

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sparkie624 3
One thing I can say is.... TCAS Works and is a great instrument. It would appear that the small plane was not watching where he was going, and the Jet Blue may not have initially seen him.. But TCAS was on the look out... and told the pilot what to do... As for the passengers, one comment.. "Over Reaction"... It is amazing that the news media finds these idiots... At no time was safety compromised because the crew and the plane of Jet Blue did a good job and by the book.
pawsnursery47 3
Sensationalism sells
sparkie624 2
Yeah... and in this case the real hero is just doing its job in the Avionics Compartment... It kind of makes me think... If it were not for TCAS... How many lives would have been lost....
Victor Engel 3
" It is amazing that the news media finds these idiots"

It's probably the other way around.
sparkie624 1
joel wiley 1
The incident reminded me of PSA 182 in San Diego back in 1978. Things have changed for the better.
sparkie624 1
Very much so... I would say that PSA 182 would have never happened if we had todays TCAS. The PSA plane would have been inconvenienced, but at least they would have been around fro a lot longer to say the least.
cmball 2
"And our plane went up, and you could hear the whoosh of the other airplane underneath us."

From a few miles away? I doubt it.
sparkie624 2
The "Whoosh" was probably the engines spooling up LOL... However the smaller plane probably did get some Wake Turbulence... And a well deserved on at that.

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