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E Cigarette Ban in Checked Baggage

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The Federal Aviation Administration is warning airlines about fire risks from electronic cigarettes stored in checked luggage and is recommending that passengers bring them into the cabins instead. ( עוד...

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Wally Colbert 1
Most US airlines have already banned them from the aircraft once you are onboard!
Now follow through and keep the possible hazard OUT of the cargo hold!!
Larry Martin 0
So a fire inside the cabin is ok? Ban them from planes PERIOD!
Bernie20910 1
Inside the cabin the fire can at least be attacked with an extinguisher.
Larry Martin 1
I read that also. Why knowingly allow something like that inside in the first place?
Bernie20910 2
Because it makes more sense to allow it inside the cabin, where it can be extinguished in an emergency, than have it in the baggage hold where it can't? People are going to carry the things with them anyway, so let's do it the safest way possible.

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