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Video: B-1 Islamic State Night Aerial Refueling

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Night vision footage of a U.S. Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker refueling a U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancer during strike operations in Syria Sept. 27, 2014. ( עוד...

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oowmmr 2
That is eerie and looks like one of those old tube monitors.
Scott Campbell 4
iflyifr 1
james hill 1
That is one great looking aircraft!

Mark Lansdell 1
I have to take their word for it that all this was from the Middle East during our most recent waste of time and money.

Many poems and songs have been written about in air fuel transfer. The most memorable for me came out of the Korean Conflict" era and was put to song.

Oh that inflight refulin'
Don't leave no time for foolin'.
The bastard won't fly
when the tanks they run dry.
You depend on that inflight refulin'.
sparxz sparxz -6
When will these Globalist-banker wars ever end. They have Bankrupt America with this expensive charade. If Muslims are so dangerous(and many indeed are) then why are so many being plied into the USA an an unprecedented rate. America's next Desert Storm could be in Arizona and not Baghdad.
I doubt Syria would be attacked only for they are the only country in the middle east which.:

(1) Is a Secular non-religious non-radical State.
(2). Protects Christians
(3). The Biggy, and that is noes not allow global Talmudic-Jewish banking systems to operate.

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